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Best Answer chosen by Gerald (Trender) 
GeraldGerald (Trender) 
Directory lists and others (extension, file, etc) that are used for exclusions/inclusions, are applied to a Malware scan configuration, which is then applied to a policy. 

You can view all lists, and Malware scan configurations from the "Policies" tab.
In the navigation pane, expand "Common objects"-> "Lists" to view the lists, and "Common objects"->"Other" -> "Malware Scan Configurations". You can view and mofidy these objects from here, or you can do so from the policy.

Under the "Policies" tab, view the details of the policy you wish to edit. Select the Anti-Malware tab of the policy, and you will see "Real-Time Scan, Manual Scan, and Scheduled Scan" all with different "Scan Configurations" applied. Here you can select "Edit" on the Scan Configuration, view the "Inclusions" or "Exclusions" tab(s) to apply a specfic list to meet your needs.
Best Answer chosen by Stuart Millar
No not yet. Actually agents only have 7 modules:
-Anti-Malware (AM).
-Web Reputation (WR).
-Firewall (FW).
-Intrusion Prevention (IP).
-Integrity Monitoring (IM).
-Log Inspection (LI).
-Application Control (AC), for Linux and Windows Server 64 bits.
I am upgrading an agentless model DSA deployment from 9.5 to 10. The readiness tool reports that the vshield manager version is not supported. I was unable to find the minimum version requirement for vShield on the Compatibility Matrix here:

The matrix references ESXi, and ESXi 5 is supported.

We are running the DS appliances on ESXi 5.5U2 hosts.
We are running the DS manager on a ESXi 6.0U1 host.
We are running the vShield manager on an ESXi 6.0U1 host.
The vShield Manager is running release 5.5.0a-1473628

It appears the current release of vShield is; I haven't yet verified whether the latest version is compatible with ESXi 5.5U2. What is the minimum compatible release of vShield that is supported for TMDS 10?
Best Answer chosen by FCOETech
Latest version of Deep Security supported by vShield (vCNS) is 9.6.
DSM 10 is only compatible with NSX.
vCNS is no longuer supported by vmware and vmware recommend switch to NSX :

I have DSM 9.6SP1 and vsphere 6 with vCNS and it works fine but only antimalware is supported with agentless.
MahmoodMahmood (Trend Micro)  
How can I find out what features are available on what platform (Agent-based/Agent-Less) in DS 9.6?
Best Answer chosen by Brian (Trend Micro) 
MahmoodMahmood (Trend Micro) 
Please follow the supported platforms document for DS 9.6. It can be downloaded from:
GeraldGerald (Trender)  
What versions of linux are supported by Deep Security?
Best Answer chosen by Gerald (Trender) 
GeraldGerald (Trender) 
Supported Linux kernel versions can be found under "More Details" on the download page for the Deep Security Manager.

Supported Linux Kernels for 9.6:

Supported Linux Kernels for 9.5: