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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Portable Security 3.0

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    • 2 Mar 2020
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Get answers to common questions about Portable Security 3.0

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Yes. Portable Security 3 supports air-gapped systems easily and productively.

Below is a list of guide questions to take note of:

If the list above does not resolve the issue, contact Technical Support.

Yes. Linux scanning support is Portable Security 3's new feature. Refer to the KB on How to run a scan and restore with Portable Security.
Yes. Portable Security 3 provides the additional Tool -- Trend Micro Rescue Disk.

Yes. If you close the ST main program normally, quick removal or not would be fine.

Below are two ways to make sure ST main program is closed normally:

  • LED is not blinking
  • The following pop-up is closed.

After scanning the air-gapped assets, plug Portable Security 3 in any PC connected to the Internet or MP, then click the sync log on the ST. The scan logs will then be synced to MP.

Yes. to reset Portable Security 3:

  1. Copy the “Support Tool” folder from the ST to the host, then you can reset your dongle.
  2. Execute the TMPSSuprt.exe in the Support Tool.
  3. Go to the "More Tools" tab and choose Reset to Default Program Settings or Default Factory Settings.
Yes, Portable Security 3 collects not only installed software, but also service pack / hot fix list and all system info.

Refer to the KB on Portable Security 3 System Requirements.

Management Program could customize setting and then Lock it for registered Scanning Tool: Management Program console > Registered Scanning Tools tab > Scanning Tools List > Lock. Once setting is locked and applied to the Scanning Tool, settings can’t be changed by the Scanning Tool console.
Portable Security 3 partitions use special hardware to provide all-time read only protection. Any user or program can't alter the protection by themselves. Meanwhile, Portable Security 3 utilizes Microsoft Windows APIs to monitor all files operation on Portable Security data partition during the time when it is running. Any unauthorized files in data partition will be deleted. In short, it’s fully protected, and nothing can compromise it.
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