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Deep Discovery Email Inspector (DDEI) 5.0 is now available

    • Updated:
    • 16 Jul 2020
    • Product/Version:
    • Deep Discovery Email Inspector 5.0
    • Platform:
    • N/A

Deep Discovery Email Inspector (DDEI) 5.0 Build 1145 has officially been released and the firmware upgrade package is now available in the Download Center.

The following are some of the new features and enhancements in this version:

  • SAML for Single Sign-On (SSO)

    • Supports OKTA and ADFS 4.0&5.0.
  • Enhanced directory service integration

    • Supports LDAPv3 compliant directory servers, including MS AD/GC, OpenLDAP and Domino.
    • Supports multiple LDAP servers for user authentication and policy matching.
    • Supports Kerberos authentication for MS AD integration.
  • Enhanced policy settings

    • Supports hand-off action to deliver message to specified SMTP server.
    • Supports message direction based stamps.
  • Detection improvement

    • U-sandbox 5.6 integration:

      • Supports Windows 10 2019H1, Windows 10 2019H2 and Windows Server 2019 for VA image creation.
    • TMASE 8.6 integration:

      • Scam and bulk message detection by using Email Behavior Analysis solution.
      • Cousin domain detection for spam and phishing message.
    • Supports new file type (JAR) for Predictive Machine Learning integration.
    • URL SO detection overcome WRS result.
  • Supports NIC Teaming in active/backup mode
  • Other enhancements

    • Supports extra 10Gbps fiber card.
    • Enforce to change the default weak password of admin.
    • Extends the max number limitation of HPU & internal domain for BEC.
    • Add Sender/Source IP address into exported mail tracking log.
    • Auto cleanup registered admin email address when GW license is expired.
    • Starts supporting LTSR/STSR product lifecycle strategy.
    • Supports new PIDs of v5.0.
    • (RDQA)Apply imported certification to both admin & EUQ console.
  • Backward compatible

    • Inline migration for DDEI v3.5/v3.6.
    • Supports the latest versions of integrated products:

      • DDAN 6.8/6.9
      • SMS 5.2/5.3
      • TMCM 7/Apex Central 2019 with latest HF.
      • SPS 3.3 Patch 3
      • DDD 5.1 SP1
    • All SEG cases merged.

For details of the new features and enhancements, refer to the Readme file.


Upgrading from Previous Versions

DDEI provides users with the option of automatically migrating the settings from the following versions to 5.0:

  • Deep Discovery Email Inspector 3.5
  • Deep Discovery Email Inspector 3.6

Download Links

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