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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Trend Micro Vision One

    • Updated:
    • 10 Dec 2021
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    • Trend Micro Vision One
    • Trend Micro Vision One
    • Trend Micro Vision One
    • Trend Micro Vision One
    • Trend Micro Vision One
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This article answers the most common questions about Trend Micro Vision One.

Below are the topics discussed in this article:


Trend Micro Vision One Product Information

  • Trend Micro Trend Micro Vision One” is the solution name for the new Trend Micro Vision One platform available to customers that enhances and consolidates detection, investigation and response capabilities across email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads and networks.
  • For Trend Micro, Trend Micro Vision One refers to the ability to do detection and response across email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads and network via a single Trend Micro Vision One platform or the managed Trend Micro Vision One service. Trend Micro is the first to deliver Trend Micro Vision One across all these vectors.
  • X refers to the multiple layers. Trend Micro Vision One extends beyond the endpoint, so the term Trend Micro Vision One is used to differentiate from EDR.
  • Trend Micro Vision One sits on top of relevant Trend products in a customers’ environment, and offers expert security analytics for alert correlation, and consolidated visibility and investigation of events across security layers, leading to earlier detection and faster response.
  • Trend Micro Vision One enables better context and deeper analysis, so customers can respond more effectively and efficiently to threats, minimizing the severity and scope of a breach on the organization.
  • Depending on the Trend Micro products a customer has/buys, they can leverage the Trend Micro Vision One platform across one or more of the available layers. They do not have to buy every associated product to gain value. They will get the value of more, richer detection and investigation with just a single layer (like endpoint via this offer as an example). Of course, the more layers they employ, the more sources there are.

Trend Micro Endpoint Basecamp (a.k.a. XBC) provides a robust way to deploy Trend Micro solutions to endpoint side and also introduce important common endpoint functions for Trend Micro agents. For better customer support and functionality for Trend Micro agents, Trend Micro suggests keeping Trend Micro Endpoint Basecamp always up-to-date.

For more information, refer to this article.

  • Currently, we are focusing on integrating Trend Micro products into Trend Micro Vision One. In the future, we will start integrating with 3rd party solutions.
  • The priority is on Trend products because our portfolio breadth enables us to offer a comprehensive solution with our native products.
  • For information, refer to Compatibility of Trend Micro Vision One Endpoint Agent and Trend Micro products.

Data Collection and Handling

Trend Micro Vision One has features that collect data, and the data collection process is fully compliant with GDPR.

To know about what features collect data, the data transmitted, and the locations on the related product consoles where you can disable the features, refer to Trend Micro Vision One Data Collection Notice.

  • Trend Micro Vision One leverages data stored in secure Trend Micro data lakes.
  • Data from individual organizations are carefully protected from any cross-contamination with any other organizations’ data.
  • Data lakes are in both the US and Europe for data residency compliance.

For more information, refer to Trend Micro Vision One Security and Privacy Overview.

For each product, activity data is sent to cloud data lakes and stored for:

  • Apex One XDR: 30 days included, extendable to 1 year
  • Cloud One-Workload Security XDR: 30 days included, extendable to 1 year
  • Cloud App Security XDR: matches Apex One XDR retention or 180 days if Apex One XDR is not used.
  • Deep Discovery Inspector XDR: 180 days included, not extendable at this time


  • Trend Micro Vision One is only available as a cloud-only offering because the volume of storage and processing capacity required for the Trend Micro Vision One data lake and AI/Data Analytics can only be accomplished in the cloud.
  • Through the offer above, Apex One on-premise customers can experience Trend Micro Vision One. On-prem customers can choose to enable their endpoint agent to send endpoint activity data to the Trend Micro Vision One data lake and can gain access to Trend Micro Vision One SaaS platform. In this scenario, their EPP capability remains on-prem, but their EDR/Trend Micro Vision One function is cloud-based.

Complimentary Credits is offered to customer if they meet the following criteria:

EligibleNot Eligible
Customers who have not signed up for Complimentary or Trial XDR LicenseCustomers who are currently using a Complimentary or Trial XDR License
Customers who have not purchased an XDR/Vision One LicenseCustomers who are already using a paid XDR/Vision One License
Customers who have patched/updated products and can see the trial promotion within their consoleCustomers who are using products that are not yet patched, and are unable to see the trial offer
Customers with more than 500 usersCustomers with 500 or fewer users

For the list of Trend Micro products that offer Complimentary Credits for Trend Micro Vision One, refer to this article.

  • Complimentary Credits will provide full access to Trend Micro Vision One features.
  • Eligible users will receive a 28,000 credit allowance valid for 60 days which you can allocate to enable the XDR sensors or apps.

Managed Detection and Response

Trend Micro Vision One also offers managed services to our customers, which our Cybersecurity Experts will be handling the Threat Monitoring and Response.

For more information, see Vision One Managed Detection and Response.

Product Integrations

Trend Micro Vision One can be integrated into the following products. Note that the list may be changed without prior notice as more products will be available for integration on future updates.

Trend Micro
  • Apex One as a Service
  • Email Sensor
  • Cloud One - Workload Security
  • Deep Discovery
  • Deep Security Software
  • Trend Micro Web Security
Broadcom (Symantec)ProxySG and Advanced Secure Gateway
CheckpointCheck Point Open Platform for Security (OPSEC)
FortinetFortiGate Next-Generation Firewall
  • QRadar on Cloud: STIX-Shifter connector (*Preview)
  • Trend Micro Vision One Universal Data Insight for Cloud Pak for Security
  • Azure AD
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune)
  • Office 365
  • Trend Micro Vision One for Azure Sentinel
Palo Alto NetworksPalo Alto Panorama
SplunkTrend Micro Vision One for Splunk (XDR)
VMwareVMware Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch)
  • TAXII Feeds
  • Plaintext (freetext) feeds

To learn more about 3rd party integrations, you may visit Trend Micro Automation Center - Third-party Integration

We offer a rich set of APIs with documented use cases. Aside from the product connectors available, you may also use the Vision One API to perform the following tasks:

  • Investigate and triage security events
  • Perform live responses during the investigation and advanced threat hunting
  • Manage user accounts and roles
  • Connect products to Trend Micro Vision One

For our complete guide and references, visit the Trend Micro Vision One Automation Center - Getting Started page.

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