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Patch 9113/9120 installation fails because of a hotfix error in Application Control

    • Updated:
    • 26 Mar 2021
    • Product/Version:
    • Apex One 2019
    • Platform:

When applying patch 9113 / 9120, installation will fail and returns the "Installation terminated by user!" error message.

Patch install fails

Other symptoms that can be observed are:

  • Application control folder (iAC) is missing under ...\Trend Micro\Apex One\iServiceSrv

    Missing iAC folder

  • OfficeScan_iAC_AppPool is missing under the IIS manager:

    iAC app pool missing

Analysis and Root Cause

When C:\TMPatch.log file is checked, the following can be seen:

Check iAC hotfix result
[2020-11-30:21:37:40]CheckNumberMin(Min='0',value='-10') failed!
[2020-11-30:21:37:40]*** Warning:  Item 'Check1.CustomizedFailureMsg' not found in 
        Section 'ProductInstall.CheckRequirement.354' !
 - -10 (Failed)

Based from the log file, the patch installation fails because Application Control is not installed or the files are missing.


To resolve the issue, manually reinstall Application Control. Follow the steps below:

  1. Copy the Application Control server file in the Apex One folder.
    If the Apex One server doesn't have files, copy files into the Apex One folder (e.g. copy {Apex One Server Installation folder}\PCCSRV\Admin\Utility\iServicePackage\iAC folder files to {Apex One Server Installation folder}\iServiceSrv\iAC).
  2. Create an IIS web site.
    1. Open a command prompt with administrative privileges.
    2. Navigate to [installation path]\Trend Micro\Apex One\iServiceSrv.
      Example: cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro\Apex One\iServiceSrv\iAC
    3. Run the following command:
      TMiACSetup.exe "-installation" "-setup_iis_setting" 1
      Note the following values:
      • 0 means Apex One server is installed in IIS virtual web site
      • 1 means Apex One server is installed in IIS default web site
  3. Set Application Control server configuration (SSL port default: 4343). Run the following command:
    TMiACSetup.exe "-installation" "-save_osf_web_info" 1 {ApexOneServerHostname} {ApexOneServerWebServerPort} "/officescan/osfwebapp/api/v1/SystemCall"
  4. Install the Application Control server service. Use the command below:
    TMiACSetup.exe "-installation" "-install_product_service"
  5. Create a database table by running the command:
    TMiACSetup.exe "-installation" "-initialize_database" {sql_instance} {sql_db_name} {sql_login_user} {sql_login_password} {sql_win_authentication}
    As an example:
    TMiACSetup.exe "-installation" "-initialize_database" {SQLDB}\{OFFICESCAN SQLDB-ApexOne} sa P@ssw0rd 0

    • sql_win_authentication=0, will not use Windows Account
    • sql_win_authentication=1, will use Windows Account
  6. Copy the Application Control agent install package to Apex One. Use the following command: TMiACSetup.exe "-installation" "-copy_agent_package"

After completing the manual installation of Application Control, follow the steps below to verify that the installation was successful:

  • The service for application control is now visible on the Services console:

    Verification is Services

  • The OfficeScan_iAC_AppPool is now available in IIS Manager:

    Verification in app pool

If issue still persist, collect complete logs and create a support ticket.

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