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Deep Discovery Email Inspector (DDEI) 5.1 is now available

    • Updated:
    • 8 Apr 2021
    • Product/Version:
    • Deep Discovery Email Inspector All
    • Platform:

Deep Discovery Email Inspector (DDEI) 5.1 Build 1288 has officially been released and the firmware upgrade package is now available on Download Center.

The following are the new features and enhancements in this version:

  • Supports Gateway Module license only:

    • In addition to APT license or all-in-one license, DDEI v5.1 can be activated by Gateway Module license for traditional security email gateway related features.
  • Provides more secure controls on mail traffic:

    • Supports DANE/DNSSEC for outbound message.
    • Supports Domain/IP based TLS settings.
    • Supports TLS 1.3 for mail traffic.
    • TLS/DANE result visibility on message tracking log.
    • Option to reject message if the sender domain is unknown by DNS lookup.
    • Option to reject message if the sender IP verification is failed by reverse DNS lookup.
    • Option to reject message if the recipient is not existing in LDAP/AD.
  • Supports address rewriting:

    • Addresses rewriting by email address mapping.
    • Addresses rewriting by domain masquerading.
    • Supports for header From/To & envelope sender/recipient.
  • Policy enhancement:

    • Supports rule-based “Change Recipient To” action.
    • Supports rule-based “BCC” action.
    • Supports rule-based “Stamp” action.
    • Supports policy-based sender & recipient pair exception.
  • Detection improvement:

    • Enhanced sender filtering/authentication:

      • Option to apply approved/blocked sender list to header From checking.
      • Supports wildcard for approved/blocked sender list.
      • Support to import/export approved/blocked sender list.
    • Supports internal message spoofing prevention by content filtering rule.
    • U-sandbox 5.7 & latest SandCastle integration:

      • Supports Windows 10 2020H1 for VA image creation.
      • Supports ALZip/EGG & password-protected ALZip/EGG archive files.
      • Supports Linux ELF & Shell script files for external VA/DDAn submission. (DDAn 7.0 or later is required).
      • Supports Open Documents and password -protected Open Document files for sandboxing.
    • Enhanced threat detection (ATSE/WRS/T0/… part):

      • Supports URL extraction from Open Document files for further scanning.
      • Supports password-protected Open Document files for password analysis and further scanning.
      • Supports ALZip/EGG and password-protected ALZip/EGG archive files for password analysis and further scanning.
      • Refined the handling for the 2nd or much deeper layer with password-protected archive files.
  • Supports DDD 5.3 & DDAN 7.0.
  • Management & other enhancements:

    • Supports a new extra 10Gbps fiber card for DDEI 7200/DDEI 9200 HW.
    • Supports VMWare 6.7/7.0 for vDDEI.
    • Supports CTP detection log for syslog forwarding.
    • Custom blocking page for CTP detection.
    • Supports advanced filter for LDAP/AD data synchronization.
    • Certification management for both web console and mail traffic.
    • Added auditing log for viewing message screenshot through detection log.
    • Racism wording revision for UI/Doc/API spec.
    • Upgrade AU SDK/certification DB for vulnerability fixing.
    • Added more HTTP headers for fixing secure issues.
    • [RDQA]Option to import policy settings only when to replicate configurations through DDD.
  • Backward compatible:

    • Inline migration for DDEI 3.6/5.0.
    • Supports the latest versions for integrated products:

      • DDAN 6.9/7.0
      • SMS 5.3/5.4
      • Apex Central 2019 with latest HF.
      • SPS 3.3 Patch 7
      • DDD 5.3
    • All SEG cases merged.

Upgrading from Previous Versions

Deep Discovery Email Inspector provides users with the option of automatically migrating the settings from the following versions to 5.1:

  • Deep Discovery Email Inspector 3.6
  • Deep Discovery Email Inspector 5.0

Download Location and ReadMe

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