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Vulnerability Detection in Trend Micro Vision One's Zero Trust Risk Insights App

    • Updated:
    • 21 Jun 2021
    • Product/Version:
    • Trend Micro Endpoint Sensor
    • Trend Micro Vision One
    • Platform:

Vulnerability Detection is a risk factor of Zero Trust Risk Insights app which can identify critical vulnerabilities correlated with active threat attacks that are happening in the environment. The Zero Trust Risk Insights app assesses your company's risk index by categorizing risk factors and evaluating how specific indicators affect your network.

The Zero Trust Risk Insights App is a “Pre-release” feature and is not considered an official release. Please review the Pre-release Disclaimer before using the feature. Meanwhile, Vulnerability Detection function is only available to selected users during the pre-release phase.

Zero Trust Risk Insights App Features

  • Enable Vulnerability Detection

    This feature requires customers turn on Data upload permission to upload vulnerability information which will be correlated with Global vulnerability intelligence (DVLab, ZDI) to identify critical vulnerabilities.

    To turn on Data upload permission:

    1. On the upper right corner of the Zero Trust Risk Insights App, click on the system wheel icon to configure the data source.

      Click the system wheel icon

    2. Under the Source column, click on Endpoint Sensor. The Data Source window appears.
    3. In the Data Source window, under Data upload permission, toggle the switch to On.

      Enable Vulnerability Detection

    • DVLab: CVE/CVSS score, actively being exploited in the wild
    • ZDI: Early insight of undisclosed vulnerabilities
    • Current version of detection information provides Windows OS vulnerability but does not cover Application vulnerability
  • At Risk Vulnerabilities

    Trend Micro lab experts constantly identify new vulnerabilities and monitor vulnerabilities that are actively exploited globally. Using the global data, Trend Micro helps prioritize the "at risk" vulnerabilities across your corporate environment.

    At Risk Vulnerabilities

  • Exploit attempts

    After identifying a vulnerability, Trend Micro checks your IPS detection logs and tells you how often an attacker has attempted to exploit a vulnerability. Provide an overview of vulnerabilities identified across the network and the impact scope.

    Exploit attempts

  • Vulnerable Devices

    Customer can click Vulnerability ID to learn more about the Vulnerability. Then switch to Devices tab to get vulnerable device list.

    select Vulnerability ID

    select Vulnerability ID

    Click the listed Device name will go to Device Profile page to get detail information of the device which includes risk score, risk indicators, device activity and so on.

    Device Profile page

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