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Trend Micro Cloud App Security (TMCAS) Monthly Deployment - Jun 2021

    • Updated:
    • 25 Jun 2021
    • Product/Version:
    • Cloud App Security
    • Platform:

Get information on what's new in Cloud App Security's (TMCAS) monthly deployment. Learn about the new features, deployment scope, maintenance schedule, and customer impact of the deployment for June 2021.


What's New

The following new features are now available in TMCAS:

  • One Trend Micro Account to Manage Multiple Service Provider Tenants

    Trend Micro Cloud App Security allows the admin to use one single Trend Micro Account (a CLP or LMP account) to secure your cloud services if you maintain multiple tenants assigned by a service provider, for example, Microsoft Azure AD tenants or Salesforce orgs.

    On the management console, a default organization will be automatically created for new and existing customers. You can use the default organization or create new organizations to provision services. This enables you to manage and visualize the security posture across all your tenants' services.

    This feature is applicable to all the services that Trend Micro Cloud App Security currently supports, that is, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams (Teams and Chat), Box, Dropbox, Google Workspace (Gmail and Google Drive), Salesforce, and Exchange Server.

  • Malware Scanning Feedback Collection Enhancement

    If the admin permits, Trend Micro Cloud App Security collects more suspicious file information in the Malware Scanning security filter to improve the detection capabilities of not only the Predictive Machine Learning engine (currently supported), but also the virus scan engine.

Deployment Scope

This deployment applies to all TMCAS data centers.

Maintenance Time

RegionStart Date/TimeEnd Date/TimeTime Zone
SG/IN/CA Data Center2021-06-25 10:00:002021-06-25 17:00:00GTM+8
EU/JP/AU/UK Data Center2021-06-27 10:00:002021-06-27 17:00:00GTM+8
US Data Center2021-06-28 10:00:002021-06-28 17:00:00GTM+8

Customer Impact

There will be no customer service impact and no service downtime during this deployment.

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