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"Unable to Install" error is encountered when upgrading Windows 10 to a later build

    • Updated:
    • 29 Jul 2021
    • Product/Version:
    • Apex One 2019
    • Worry-Free Business Security Advanced 10.0
    • Worry-Free Business Security Standard 10.0
    • Platform:

When performing a Windows upgrade, a notification is received stating that it is not allowed to install the latest Windows build. It also suggests to uninstall the Trend Micro agent to proceed with the Windows upgrade installation.

The Windows upgrade error appears because the current version of the Trend Micro Security Agent is not compatible to the newer Windows OS build.

Upgrading Windows to a later build includes major changes to the operating system. Trend Micro provides patches to address incompatibility issues from the changes made on the latest Windows OS.

We recommend to hold off on updating Windows to the new release until after the appropriate patch is applied to the Security Agents. Doing so beforehand may result in incompatibility issues, which may include performance issues, program crashes, and even system BSODs.

To install the patch, do the following:

  1. Log in to your WFBS or Apex One web console.
  2. Go to Help > About.
  3. Look for and take note of the the build version of the WFBS or Apex One Server.
  4. See the compatibility matrix links below, and download the patch compatible for the Windows OS build:
  5. Go to Trend Micro Download Center, select the product that you are using, and then click Product Patch to download the latest patch.

    Product Patch

    For local languages, make sure to obtain the installation package with same language of your Security Server. To get the installation package that matches the language of the Security Server, click Region on the upper-right corner of the Trend Micro Download Center page, and select the appropriate Region. The page will be redirected to the Trend Micro Business website, click Download > All Downloads to visit the download center of that region.
  6. Proceed with the download and installation of the patch on the Security Server.
    After installing the patch on the Security Server, wait for some time for the Security Agents to receive the updates.
  7. Verify if the Security Agents have received the patches. Do the following:
    1. Right-click the WFBS/Apex One system tray icon.
    2. Select Component Versions.
    3. Check Agent version. The last 4 digits corresponds to the patch number installed.
      For Apex One, the agent version might be different from the patch number installed. To verify the agent build, click More details below the product patch > ReadMe.



Once the compatible patch has been installed, the Windows 10 upgrade will no longer encounter issues.

If you have issues encountered during the process above, contact Trend Micro Technical Support for further assistance.

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