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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MSP Worry-Free XDR

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    • 10 Aug 2021
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This article answers the common questions about the Worry-Free XDR.



Worry-Free XDR provides detection and response capabilities to help you discover and respond to targeted attacks more effectively by correlating threat data from endpoints and email. This provides a clearer picture to determine the source and spread of advanced attacks.

For more additional information, you may refer to this Worry Free Services datasheet and Worry-Free XDR Demo.

Even organizations with the most advanced protection layers aren’t immune to cyber threats, as there’s no such thing as 100% prevention. Since there are very serious risks and costs associated with undetected or slow to detect threats in the organization, the goal is to quickly detect and respond threats before significant damage is done. This is where Worry-Free XDR comes into place, because it combines Worry-Free Services Advanced, Trend Micro™ Email Security Advanced, and Trend Micro™ Endpoint Sensor to provide automatic detection and response across email and endpoint, giving you:

  • Automatic data correlation from sensors that collect detection and activity data across endpoint and email—the #1 threat vector.
  • Automated sweeping and root-cause analysis, including step-by-step recommendations that allow IT admin to quickly mitigate issues.
  • One console (Worry-Free Services) with native integration to endpoint and email.
  • Advanced threat detection through cloud sandboxing.
  • Most advanced threats start with a phishing email, so combining advanced email protection with the ability to trace a threat to its entry point is an effective defense against the latest in email attacks.
  • Includes email continuity, allowing users to send and receive email during an email service outage
  • Allows managed service providers (MSPs) to manage cross-customer detection, investigation, and response. This unique feature from Trend Micro Remote Manager™ enables MSPs to receive alerts, sweep indicators of compromise (IoCs), endpoint, and email, as well as take mitigation actions across their customer base all from one single pane of glass, instead of wasting time checking each customer’s product console.

The sensors being used for Worry-Free XDR are as follows:

  • CAS for email sensor
  • EDR for endpoint sensor

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Yes, Trend Micro partners can specify which email addresses will receive the Noteworthy Event Notifications:

To configure email notification follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Licensing Management Platform.
  2. Go to Detection & Response > Notifications.
  3. Toggle on the Notification.

You can refer to this documentation for Configuring Noteworthy Events Notification.


You will need to have CAS and WFBS-SVC + EDR deployed properly. For the steps you can follow the items below:

There is no additional software to be installed.

The EDR sensors can be easily deployed/removed from the console and will not need any deployment tool/script. It is like a security agent plugin -- for as long as CAS is provisioned or not and security agent is installed on the machine, adding and removing EDR from the console would be like an on/off toggle.
Deploy; SPEC
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