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"Unable to load object or content" error is encountered when connected to Trend Micro Web Security (TMWS) proxy

    • Updated:
    • 18 Aug 2021
    • Product/Version:
    • Trend Micro Web Security
    • Platform:

This article helps address a specific issue in accessing website(s) when connected to TMWS proxy. Some objects, sections and contents are unable to display even if the website is successfully retrieved. Some of the possible reasons can be the following:

  • A policy is restricting access to a particular component of the website.
  • The particular website has a restriction that only allows a range of IP addresses to access it. In some cases, a web server on the internet uses IP-based geolocation. This would cause an issue with the TMWS server accessing these websites because of our different geolocation on the cloud.
  1. Use the browser inspect network tool to get the component's URL.
    1. Access the website using any browser.
    2. Right-click on and any section of the page, and select the Inspect option.
      Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + Shift+ I or F12 on your keyboard.
    3. Click on the Network tab, then reload the page.
    4. The components that failed to load will appear in red text, or will show network error status (e.g. Blocked, Restricted, 403, etc). The screenshot below shows how it looks on Google Chrome.

      Google Chrome

      Click the image to enlarge.

  2. Copy the restricted URLs.
    1. Right-click on the blocked URL.
    2. Select Copy > Copy link address.

      Inspect Element pane

      Click the image to enlarge.

This exclusion method would make use of the PAC file to bypass the URL.

  1. Login to the TMWS administrator console.
  2. Navigate to Administration > PAC files.
  3. Click on the PAC file being used.
  4. Under the "Bypass proxy for these hosts & domains" section, add the URL(s) identified from Step 1: Identify the failing website component's URL.

    Bypass proxy for these hosts & domains

    Click the image to enlarge.

  5. Click Add, and then click Save.

This option often applies to a restricted website with status error 403. Trend Micro uses a rating system to classify websites, and it is essential to know the website's classification. To identify the category of the website, go to Trend Micro Site Safety Center.

Once we have the classification of the website, we can determine the appropriate URL category to exclude on a particular policy.

Global Site Safety Center

Click the image to enlarge.

To configure a website exclusion from a TMWS policy, you can also refer to Configuring website(s) exclusion from a Trend Micro Web Security (TMWS) policy.

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