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Trend Micro Vision One Zero Trust Risk Insights App in General Availability (GA) on September 27, 2021

    • Updated:
    • 24 Sep 2021
    • Product/Version:
    • Trend Micro Vision One
    • Platform:

Zero Trust Risk Insights is a built-in feature in Trend Micro Vision One™, a powerful threat operations center that includes XDR, risk insights, and more, all designed to deliver confidence and efficiency to security operations staff.

Zero Trust Risk Insights equips security teams with the ability to continually monitor the security posture of their organization, exposing unseen risks to make better decisions. Across the organization, Zero Trust Risk Insights assists:

  • SOC/Security teams – Uncover undiscovered risks and gain insight into what needs immediate attention. View risks by user, device, and application, or at the organization level.
  • CSO/Leadership – Understand the organization’s security posture, whether it is improving or declining, and gain visibility into how it compares to peers in your industry, region, or organization size.
  • Network security – Incorporate health scores into access control solutions and make more informed automated decisions when following a Zero Trust strategy.

Zero Trust Risk Insights process


Key Features

  • Increase visibility into threat and posture risks.

    • Provides continuous risk analysis of devices, identities, content, and applications. This includes active risks such as:

      • Suspicious or anomalous user activity
      • Indicators of attack (IoA), behaviors, or detections
      • Potential risks such as vulnerabilities, exposed identities, or risky cloud app access
      • Allows for deeper insight into your organization’s health level—pulled from endpoint, email, mobile, network XDR telemetry, and other data sources—to uncover hidden risks
    • Leverages intel from leading Trend Micro vulnerability research experts to detect unpatched operating system and application vulnerabilities within your environment.
    • Instills a Zero Trust strategy throughout your organization by providing your security team with continuous health assessments of your identities and devices.
  • Prioritization and automation for better risk-based decisions

    • Highlights the most critical risks affecting your organization so your team can maintain a trusted security environment.
    • Uses global and local exploit intelligence to prioritize patching of device vulnerabilities. Identifies if prevention rules are available to protect against exploits until patch deployment.
    • Mitigates and contains risks across the infrastructure from just one console.
    • Shares health scores with Trend Micro* and third-party access control solutions—including Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Secure Access Service Edge.
    • (SASE)—to make automated and well-informed decisions.

      Trend Micro Zero Trust Secure Access (ZTNA & SASE) is currently in preview.


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