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TXOne EdgeFire 1.2 is now available

    • Updated:
    • 10 Jan 2022
    • Product/Version:
    • TXOne - EdgeFire 1.2
    • Platform:

TXOne EdgeFire 1.2 has been released and can be downloaded from Trend Micro's Download Center.

Product Overview

TXOne EdgeFire, the Next Generation Firewall enables network segmentation and segregation to divide the network into different zones of control, even down to the cell level. Featuring network access control and network attack prevention for critical assets the TXOne EdgeFire is designed for in depth cyber defense to streamline OT daily operations.

EdgeFire 1.2


What’s New

TXOne EdgeFire 1.2 has the following new features and enhancements:

Feature TypeFeature ListFirmware version 1.2
  • Dashboard (Enhancement)
  • Dashboard Widget: Bandwidth Utilization / Packet Transmission Status
  • Port Mapping (Enhancement)
  • MGMT (New Feature)
  • HA (New Feature)
  • Port Mirror (New Feature)
  • Operation Mode (Enhancement)
  • Added Independent MGMT Port (for WAN Port2), HA Port (for Port 7) and Mirror Port (for Port 8) in Port Mapping Page.
  • Added Independent MGMT Setting (for WAN Port2)
  • Added HA Feature (Support AS Mode)
  • Added Port Mirror Feature (Support Gateway Mode and Bridge Mode)
  • Added LLDP Feature
  • IP Object Profiles (Enhancement)
  • Service Object Profiles (Enhancement)
  • Protocol Filter Profiles (New Feature and Enhancement)
  • IPS Profiles (Enhancement)
  • Device Object List / Master Object List IP/Service/Protocol Filter/IPS/File Filter Object Profiles
  • New IT/OT Protocol Supported (Up to 43 Protocols)
  • Protocol Filter Update by Signature
  • Granular Control – SMB in Protocol Filter Profiles
  • MITRE ID (TID) in IPS Profiles
  • Signature ID can be redirected to TXOne Portal.
  • New Command Code in MELSOFT, New Command Code in MELSOFT, New Added 51 Device Code in MELSOFT
  • File Filter Profile (New Feature)
  • Added File Filter Profiles
  • Policy Rule Auto Learning (New Feature)
  • Policy Rule Auto Learning (ICS Foresight Strike)
  • Policy Enforcement (New Feature)
  • Status Setting can sync with ODC when EdgeFire is registered to ODC
  • Device Rule List and Master Rule List
  • Basic Filter + Advance Filter in PE Rule Settings
  • Search Bar in Policy Enforcement Settings
  • Suspicious Objects (New Feature)
  • Added Suspicious Object Feature
  • 3rd party Suspicious Object Source Supported
  • Pattern Update (Enhancement)
  • Meta Info download in IPS Rule
  • Release info download
  • USB Application (Enhancement)
  • USB Zero Configuration Enhancement (Config. Backup/Restore, Firmware Upgrade)
  • New USB Thumb Drive Support (2 mode models: Innodisk and Apacer)
  • Packet Capture (New Feature)
  • Packet Capture by IPS Rule & PCAP Download
  • Added Viewer Access Permission to download PCAP file
Log Page
  • File Filter Log (Enhancement)
  • Suspicious Object Log (New Feature)
  • Cyber Security Logs/Policy Enforcement Logs/Protocol Filter Logs/File Filter Log
  • SNMP (New Feature)
  • SNMP (Get Info/Trap)
  • System Management (Enhancement)
  • Ping Management Interface
  • CLI command (New Feature)
  • CLI command support
  • Remote Connection from ODC-VA (Enhancement)
  • Supports the capability of connecting back to EdgeFire Web Console


Trend Micro recommends users to upgrade EdgeFire firmware to version 1.2.

For support assistance, contact Trend Micro Technical Support.

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