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Security Server cannot download new pattern files and scan engine updates in Worry-Free Business Security (WFBS)

    • Updated:
    • 8 Apr 2020
    • Product/Version:
    • Worry-Free Business Security Advanced 10.0
    • Worry-Free Business Security Advanced 9.5
    • Worry-Free Business Security Standard 10.0
    • Worry-Free Business Security Standard 9
    • Worry-Free Business Security Standard 9.5
    • Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced 10.0
    • Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced 8.0
    • Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced 9.0
    • Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced 9.5
    • Platform:
    • Windows 2003 Enterprise Server
    • Windows 2003 Standard Server Edition
    • Windows 2003 Web Server Edition
    • Windows 2008 Enterprise Server
    • Windows 2008 Small Business Server
    • Windows 2008 Standard Server Edition

The WFBS server that use conventional scanning method is unable to update. This is due to a corrupted pattern files or update components in the server's cache.


To fix the issue, clear the cache of the Security Server and any proxy in your network:

  1. On the Security Server, stop the Trend Micro Security Server Master Service.
  2. Go to the ..\Trend Micro\Security Server\PCCSRV folder and delete all the pattern files (LPT$VPN.XXX) except for the oldest one.
  3. Go to ..\PCCSRV\Download and then delete the pattern folder.
  4. Go back to ..\PCCSRV and then delete the contents of the following folders (if available):
    • ..\WEB\CGI\Temp\
    • ..\WEB\Service\AU_Cache
    • ..\WEB\Service\AU_Temp
    • ..\WEB\CGI\Temp
    • ..\WEB\CGI\Temp\Cache
    • ..\WEB\Service\Temp\Cache
    • ..\WEB\Service\Temp (all *.tmp files)
    • ..\Admin\Temp*
    • ..\Admin\Temp\Cache*
  5. Start the Trend Micro Security Server Master Service.
  6. Delete your browser's Temporary Internet Files and Cookies:
    1. On your browser, click Tools > Internet Options > General tab.
    2. Under Temporary Internet Files, click Delete Cookies > OK.
    3. Click Delete Files > OK > OK.
  7. If you are using a proxy, clear the proxy server's cache also by doing Steps 6a to 6c.
  8. Delete the ..\PCCSRV\Download\server.ini file.
  9. Open the Security Dashboard and check if you can now download updates.

If the procedure fails, refer to this article: Troubleshooting Security Server update issues in Worry-Free Business Security (WFBS)

If the issue persists, send the following information to Trend Micro Technical Support:

  • WFBS Server version.
  • Operating system and Service Pack of the server.
  • Client deployment method used.
  • Scan Engine version.
  • Pattern File version (lpt$
  • Detailed problem description.
  • Other applications (including versions) running on the same server, if any.
  • Network topology.
  • Update type where the problem occurs (e.g. Manual, Scheduled, Tool).
  • Proxy server and version, if present (note also if you are using authentication).
  • Firewall product and version, if present (note also if you are using authentication)
  • Version of the loadhttp.dll file.
  • Version of the tmupdate.dll file.
  • The following files (if available):
    • ..\PCCSRV\Web\Service\AU_Data\AU_Log\tmudump.txt
    • ..\PCCSRV\Web\CGI\Temp\tmudump.txt
    • ..\PCCSRV\Web\CGI\Temp\patchdmp.txt
    • ..\PCCSRV\Web\Service\Temp\tmudump.txt
    • ..\PCCSRV\Web\Service\Temp\patchdmp.txt
    • ..\PCCSRV\ofcscan.ini
    • ..\PCCSRV\Private\Ofcserver.ini
Troubleshoot; Update
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