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Installing the client/agent using web install (browser-based installation) in OfficeScan

    • Updated:
    • 14 Mar 2020
    • Product/Version:
    • OfficeScan 11.0
    • OfficeScan 11.0
    • OfficeScan XG
    • OfficeScan XG.All
    • Platform:
    • Windows 10 32-bit
    • Windows 10 64-bit
    • Windows 2003 Datacenter 64-bit
    • Windows 2003 Enterprise
    • Windows 2003 Enterprise 64-bit
    • Windows 2003 Server R2
    • Windows 2003 Standard
    • Windows 2003 Standard 64-bit
    • Windows 2008 Datacenter
    • Windows 2008 Datacenter 64-bit
    • Windows 2008 Enterprise
    • Windows 2008 Enterprise 64-bit
    • Windows 2008 Server Core
    • Windows 2008 Server R2 Enterprise
    • Windows 2008 Standard
    • Windows 2008 Standard 64-bit
    • Windows 2008 Web Server Edition
    • Windows 2008 Web Server Edition 64-bit
    • Windows 2012 Datacenter R2
    • Windows 2012 Enterprise
    • Windows 2012 Enterprise R2
    • Windows 2012 Server Essential R2
    • Windows 2012 Server Essentials
    • Windows 2012 Standard
    • Windows 2012 Standard R2
    • Windows 2012 Web Server Edition
    • Windows 7 32-Bit
    • Windows 7 64-Bit
    • Windows 8 32-Bit
    • Windows 8 64-Bit
    • Windows Vista 32-bit
    • Windows Vista 64-bit
    • Windows XP Home
    • Windows XP Professional
    • Windows XP Professional 64-bit

When you install the OfficeScan server, the setup wizard creates a web page on the server that you can access to install the client. The browser-based installation option provides a preconfigured email message that you can send from the email program installed on the local machine where the management console is.

  1. Log on to the OfficeScan/Apex One management console to open the Initiate Browser-based Installation page.
  2. Go to Agents > Agent Installation > Browser-based.

    OfficeScan 11.0 web installation

    Initiate Browser-based installation

  3. Type the subject line that you want to appear in your email message and then click Create Email.

    A window from your default email application will appear. The subject line that you specified and the link to the installation page are already in the message window. The default URL for the client installation
    website is:

  4. You can edit the message as needed, add recipients, and then click Send.
The email notification option relies on users to complete the actual installation of the client software. Users need to have administrative rights on the local computer to enable the browser to use Active X controls to complete the installation.

The URL for client installation is also provided on the logon page of the OfficeScan/Apex One management console. You can also go directly to the page by entering the URL from any client that meets the minimum system requirements. From the end-users' or administrators' perspective, here is how you can install the OfficeScan/Apex One client via web browser:

  1. You may do any of these: click the link sent via email; click the link on the log on page of the management console; and navigate directly to the client-install page using a browser.
    • For OfficeScan/Apex One servers using SSL, the default URL for the client-install page is https://<servername_or_ipaddress:port>/officescan/console/html/ClientInstall. The default port number is 4343.
    • For OfficeScan/Apex One servers that are not using SSL, use the http resource identifier instead of https. The correct port number is 8080 be default.
  2. Select to install the WinNTChk ActiveX control.
  3. Click Install Now to start installing the OfficeScan/Apex One client.

    OfficeScan 11.0/12.0 UI

  4. Click Start.
  5. Click Next to install the OfficeScan/Apex One Agent.

Once installation is complete, the browser window will display a notice that the "Client installation is complete". When necessary, you will be prompted to reboot.

You can verify the installation by checking the client icon that appears in your system tray.

If the browser-based client software installation is unsuccessful, the browser window will display a message to confirm this. The message also lists the possible reasons for the unsuccessful installation, along with the recommended solutions.
  1. Open the OfficeScan/Apex One web console.
  2. Before logging in, click the installer at the bottom.

    web install page

    You will be provided steps on how to download the installer for the OfficeScan/Apex One agent.

    MSI Agent Installation

  3. Run the installer on the unprotected endpoint.

    You can choose the 32-bit or 64-bit MSI installation package.

If the OfficeScan/Apex One client fails to install, use one of the different client installation methods.

If you encounter an upgrade issue, refer to the article Upgrade consideration for OfficeScan (OSCE) servers and clients/agents.

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