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Switching from a third-party hosted solution to Hosted Email Security (HES)

    • Updated:
    • 13 Mar 2020
    • Product/Version:
    • Hosted Email Security 2.0
    • Hosted Email Security 3.0
    • Platform:
    • Not Applicable N/A

You are currently using a third-party hosted solution to scan your emails and would like to switch to HES.

Third party hosted solution


To switch from a third-party hosted solution to HES and maintain email continuity and email security:

  1. Log on to the HES console using your credentials.

  2. To complete the domain activation, add the domain using an IP address or FQDN belonging to the third-party solution and then click Add Domain.

    Add domain

    Click image to enlarge.

    This step is necessary because HES allows a domain to be added only when the IP address/FQDN you provided matches an existing MX's IP/FQDN for the domain.
  3. When all domains have been entered wait for 24 to 48 hours to receive a confirmation email.

    Once you receive the confirmation email, it means that HES is ready to accept mails for your domain. HES, however, is still configured to send the mails to your third-party solution. Also, when you open your HES console and click Domain, the domain's status will be "verifying". This means that the domain's MX record is not yet redirected to HES. In the "verifying" status, you cannot make changes to the domain information.

  4. Add the HES MX records for your domain using a lower priority MX preference, and maintain the old MX records for your third-party solution using a higher priority preference:
    • EMEA:
    • Non-EMEA:
    This step is necessary for mail and scanning continuity during the DNS propagation time. Full DNS propagation takes 24-48 hours globally and may take time for HES to recognize the change. We set the HES priority to the lowest because it is still configured to send mails to an incorrect address.

    Once the domains are properly redirected to the service, the domain's status in Domain should change to "Activated".

    HES periodically checks the MX record redirection of the newly added domain/s. The option "check MX record" does the MX checking immediately or on-demand.

    Check MX record

    Click image to enlarge.

  5. When the domain's status turns to "Activated", go to Domain and modify the IP/FQDN for your domain to the correct mail server address.

    The domain status will change to "Modifying" and will turn back to "Activated" when the modification is done.

    Log off and then log on to the HES console to refresh the domain management information. It may take 24 hours at most for the IP change process to complete.

  6. Once the domain status is back to "Activated", remove the MX records of the third-party hosted solution and leave only the HES MX record to ensure that all mails are scanned by HES only.
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