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Functionalities of KeyArmor

    • Updated:
    • 1 Mar 2017
    • Product/Version:
    • Endpoint Encryption
    • Platform:
    • Windows 2003 Enterprise
Know the functions and features of KeyArmor.

KeyArmor provides protection against viral and malware threats while securely encrypting files stored on the USB flash drive. With the integrated anti-malware detection and remediation, viruses and malicious softwares are prevented from attacking the data transferred and stored on the KeyArmor drive. This is an independent function of KeyArmor, not requiring the existence or utilization of anti-malware from the data source device. KeyArmor provides detailed auditing and logging relating to the anti-malware component, including version control, update integrity, update frequency, and file status.

KeyArmor's encryption key is stored securely and remotely on the Endpoint Encryption PolicyServer for secure escrow and recovery. It does not corrupt or cause loss of data during the encryption or decryption process.

As a hardware-based encryption product there is no way to decrypt the KeyArmor device itself. As files are moved or copied off a device they will be decrypted and available for use on a host machine. As defined by policy, enterprise administrators can be enabled to access any device within an enterprise.

After a client registers a KeyArmor device in the environment to the PolicyServer, only client defined users can authenticate to and access a device.

Below are the features and the policy used in KeyArmor:


  • Recovery & Disabling Device
    • Remotely disable or wipe/kill device
    • Remotely recover password
    • User ability to wipe/kill device with dead-man password
    • Data recovery by administrator
  • Notice Messages
    • Customize the information displayed during device lockout
    • Customize the legal notice
    • Customize the help desk information
  • Audit & Reporting
    • Full audit capability (via PolicyServer)
    • Included in all reporting metrics (via PolicyServer)
  • Software
    • Secure and manageable malware protection
    • No additional drivers needed
  • Self-Help
    • Multiple personal challenge questions to reset password
  • Secure Authentication
    • Fixed Password
    • ColorCode
    • PIN
    • RSA SID800 / RSA OTP
    • Smart Card (CAC/PIV)


  • General Device
    • Dead Man Switch
    • Inactivity Timeout
    • Re Authenticate Time
  • Anti Virus
    • Infected File Action
    • Repair Infected File First
    • Update Frequency
    • Update Source
  • Notice Message
    • If Found
    • Legal Notice
    • Show Legal Notice On Insertion
    • Support Info
  • PolicyServer Connection
    • Action Due To No Contact
    • Must Be Connect To PolicyServer
    • Offline Time Before Forced Connection
    • Secondary Action Due To No Contact
    • Secondary Action Period
  • Login
    • Authentication Methods
    • Device Lockout Action
    • Failed Attempts Allowed
    • Lock Device Time Delay
    • User Name Case Sensitive
  • Password
    • Allowed Character Types
    • Can Contain User Id
    • Change Password Every
    • Consecutive Chars Allowed
    • Minimum Length
    • Password History Retention
    • Remember User Between Logins
    • Require How Many Chars
    • Require How Many Numbers
    • Require How Many Specials
  • Self Help
    • Number of Questions
    • Personal Challenge
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