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New feature in Officescan 10.6 Service Pack (SP)1 single installer

    • Updated:
    • 24 Nov 2016
    • Product/Version:
    • OfficeScan 10.6
    • Platform:
    • Windows 2003 Enterprise
    • Windows 2008 Enterprise
    • Windows 2008 Standard

Get information about the new enhancement in OfficeScan 10.6 SP1 single installer.


OfficeScan 10.6 SP1 single installer now enables the On-demand Scan Cache feature by default, for faster scan time.

Enable On-demand Scan Cache feature

To enable the On-demand Scan Cache

  1. Go to Networked Computer > Client Management.
  2. In the client tree, click the root domain icon to include all clients or select specific domains or clients.
  3. Click Other Settings tab and go to Cache Settings for Scans section.
  4. Configure the On-demand Scan Cache feature:
    1. Tick the Enable the on-demand scan cache checkbox.
    2. In Add the cache for safe files that are unchanged for __ days, specify the number of days a file must remain unchanged before it is cached.
    3. In The cache for each safe file expires within __ days, specify the maximum number of days a cache remains in the cache file.
      To prevent all caches added during a scan from expiring on the same day, caches expire randomly within the maximum number of days you specified. For example, if 500 caches were added to the cache today and the maximum number of days you specified is 10, a fraction of the caches will expire the next day and the majority will expire on the succeeding days. On the 10th day, all caches that remain will expire.
  5. If you selected domain(s) or client(s) in the client tree, click Save. If you clicked the root domain icon, choose from the following options:
    • Apply to All Clients
      This applies settings to all existing clients and to any new client added to an existing/future domain. Future domains are domains not yet created at the time you configured the settings.
    • Apply to Future Domains Only
      This applies settings only to clients added to future domains. This option will not apply settings to new clients added to an existing domain.

For more information about this feature, you can visit OfficeScan 10.6 SP1 Online Help.

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