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Information needed to install InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance (IWSVA) 5.6

    • Updated:
    • 24 Nov 2016
    • Product/Version:
    • InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance 5.6
    • Platform:
    • N/A N/A
The IWSVA setup program prompts you for required information, depending on the options chosen during installation.
You need the following information to install IWSVA:
  • Fresh Installation
    IWSVA only supports fresh installations if you are running a version of IWSVA older than 5.0. Upgrading an existing installation of InterScan Web Security Suite (IWSS) or InterScan Web Security Appliance (IWSA) is not supported. The fresh installation process formats your existing system to install IWSVA.
  • Upgrade and Data Retention
    For customers running IWSVA 5.1, an on-box (or in-place) upgrade is available from the Administration > Update OS page of the IWSVA server web console. Most information, configuration and logs are retained.
  • Migration
    IWSVA 5.5 supports existing configuration and policy data migration from the following Trend Micro products:
    • ? IWSS 3.1 for Windows
    • ? IWSVA 5.1 SP1(same language version)
    • ? IWSVA 5.5 (same language version)
  • Type of Proxy Configuration
    IWSVA supports multiple deployment modes:
    • ? Forward proxy where clients directly connect to IWSVA.
    • ? Upstream proxy to another existing internal proxy server
    • ? ICAP Server to an existing ICAP 1.0 compliant cache controller
    • ? WCCP client to a configured WCCP-enabled router of firewall
    • ? Transparent Bridge Mode
    • ? Reverse proxy to protect a Web server
    The deployment is configured after the IWSVA installation and it can be changed using the Deployment Wizard in the web console. Each transparent bridge segment supported by IWSVA requires two network interface cards.
  • Control Manager Server Information
    Control Manager registration is performed through the IWSVA web UI after the IWSVA installation is complete.
  • Database Type and Location
    IWSVA uses the PostgreSQL database for report logs, policies, rules, and configuration settings. A local PostgreSQL installation is performed during IWSVA installation.
  • SNMP Notifications
    If you plan to use SNMP notifications, the IWSVA setup program installs the appropriate SNMP libraries.
  • Web Console Password
    Access to the IWSVA Web console is controlled initially through a default username “admin”. The password is set during installation from the ISO file.
    • For security reasons, we recommend that you change the admin password after your first login to the web console.
    • The password for OS account "root" and CLI account "enable" and IWSS account "admin" are the same after installing from ISO file. The IWSVA administrator can make them different. For details, please refer to the Administrator Guide.
  • Command Line Access
    IWSVA provides a Command Line Interface (CLI) to allow configuration of the appliance using an industry standard CLI syntax. The CLI offers additional commands and functionality to manage, troubleshoot, and maintain within IWSVA. The CLI can be accessed using a local console keyboard and monitor or remotely through SSHv2.
  • Proxy for Internet Updates
    If you have a proxy host between IWSVA and the Internet, you must configure the IWSVA's proxy settings in order to receive updates from Trend Micro. From the menu, choose Updates > Connection Settings to configure the upstream proxy settings. See the Administrator Guide for more details.
  • Activation Codes
    Activating the three IWSVA modules (core program, URL Filtering, and Applet and ActiveX Scanning) requires a single activation code. IWSVA includes one registration key for all the modules. During product registration, the registration key is exchanged for an activation code that “unlocks” the program. You can register the installation and exchange the registration key for an activation code from a link in the setup program. Alternatively, you can register and obtain an activation code before installing by visiting the Trend Micro online registration website.
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