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"The client package cannot be created..." appears when creating a client package

    • Updated:
    • 25 Jun 2021
    • Product/Version:
    • Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced 10.0
    • Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced 8.0
    • Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced 9.0
    • Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced 9.5
    • Platform:
You are trying to create a Worry-Free Business Security (WFBS) client package using Client Packager utility (Clnpack.exe). After clicking the Create button, the following error message appears:
The client package cannot be created. Please make sure to specify the correct output file or source file.
To resolve this issue, launch the Clnpack.exe by right-clicking the file and selecting Run as administrator.
If the issue persists:
Option 1: Replace the existing ..\Pccnt folder:
  1. Request a new ..\PCCSRV\Pccnt folder with the appropriate language and version from Trend Micro Technical Support.
  2. Rename the existing folder and copy the new one to the ..\PCCSRV directory.
  3. Run the client packager located in ..\PCCSRV\Admin\Utility\ClientPackager\ directory.
Option 2: Check if msxml4.dll exist:
  1. Verify if msxml4.dll is in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ directory.
  2. If msxml4.dll does not exist:
    1. Download msxmlcab.exe.
    2. Run msxmlcab.exe. The file will be saved on your specified location.
    3. Extract the
    4. Inside the extracted folder, copy all the files to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ directory.
    5. Run command prompt as Administrator.
    6. Change directory to C:\windows\syswow64.
    7. Run "regsvr32 msxml4.dll" command.
  3. Run the client packager located in ..\PCCSRV\Admin\Utility\ClientPackager\ directory.
Should the issue continue to occur, collect the following:
  1. Collect ClnPack.log:
    1. On the WFBS server, open the ..\PCCSRV\Admin\Utility\ClientPackager\ClnExtor.ini file.
    2. Under the [Common] section, look for the "DebugMode" parameter and set its value to "1".
    3. Save and close the file.
    4. Generate an EXE or MSI setup file.
    5. Collect the debug log from C:\ClnPack.log.
  2. Collect ofcdebug.log and clnextor.log:
    1. Before installing the package, enable the debug mode:
      Create an ofcdebug.ini file on the target machine's system drive using a text editor like NOTEPAD. The file should contain:
    2. After performing the installation to reproduce the issue, collect the following files from the client machine:
      • c:\ofcdebug.log
      • c:\clnextor.log
  3. Collect the basic CDT logs:
    1. Download and run the CDT tool and gather the basic information by clicking Skip >>.
    2. Collect the CDT logs in a ZIP file format.
  4. Send the log files to Trend Micro Technical Support.
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