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New features and updates of Hosted Email Security (HES) 1.9.8

    • Updated:
    • 24 Nov 2016
    • Product/Version:
    • Hosted Email Security - Inbound Filtering 1.9.8
    • Hosted Email Security 1.9.8
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    • N/A N/A
Know the new features and fixes that are included in the HES 1.9.8 release. 
The following are the new features included in HES 1.9.8:
Smart Routing
This is designed to fix the issue wherein an outbound mail of a customer is being sent to an old downstream MTA address of a domain from a former HES customer. Smart Routing will alleviate this issue by performing the following steps when trying to deliver a mail:
  1. Deliver the mail via a known downstream MTA address.
  2. If a network failure is encountered (Such as the error "IP unreachable", which is defined as a 5XX error), HES will inspect the MX records of the DNS of the recipient domain.
  3. Deliver the mail via an IP address suggested by the MX records as long as it is not pointing to HES (to avoid loop).
If Smart Routing cannot find a usable MX in the DNS of the recipient domain, mails will go through the existing retry process. If DNS fails while resolving or delivering emails via an IP address listed in the DNS of the recipient, the emails will go through the existing retry process.
Smart De-provisioning
Through Smart De-provisioning, HES will now automatically de-provision domains with an expired license. The domain will first be in "Suspend" status wherein mail routing will be only done through Steps 2 and 3 in Smart Routing (see above). If mail routing via DNS is not possible, a non-delivery receipt (NDR) will be generated.
The criteria of putting a domain to "Suspend" status are:
  • Neither a single mail was delivered via a known downstream MTA address nor was relay behavior observed in the past 30 days.
  • License of the domain is already expired.
  • The domain will stay in "Suspend" status for six (6) months before it is changed to "De-provisioned". However, within this period the administrator can also change the domain's status to "Normal" by:
    • Renewing their license
    • Clicking the Resume button on Domain Management
  • Starting on the 6th month in "Suspended" state and before de-provisioning starts, HES will stamp each mail delivered to the Suspended domain.
TLS Confirmation through Mail Tracking Logs
Mail Tracking Logs will now display a “TLS” sign when an email was delivered using TLS.
It will also show on the timestamp details.
Track Policy Usage
The Policy page will now show the last time a rule was triggered during mail scanning.
Note: It takes about two (2) hours before the “Last used” data is reflected in the Policy page. The data is not updated in real-time.
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