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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Smart Protection Suite, the Deployment Kit, and Customer Licensing Portal

    • Updated:
    • 14 Mar 2020
    • Product/Version:
    • Smart Protection Complete 1.0
    • Smart Protection for Endpoints 1.0
    • Platform:
    • N/A N/A

Know the answers to common questions about the Smart Protection Suite, its Deployment Kit, and the Customer Licensing Portal (CLP) used to register the product.



You can find AC in the CLP website. Log in to

Go to the My Products/Services tab to view the list of Smart Protection products you have available. Click the arrow beside each product to view the AC.

Find product activation code

Refer to this video guide to help you edit and update your CLP account.

The secondary contact serves as a backup contact information in case you don't want to receive notifications using your primary email address. To enable this feature, make sure that the following checkboxes are ticked.

Enable secondary contact option

Smart Protection Suite has the Enter Product Key feature that is used to register a new registration key to enable users to:

  • Access or move one Smart Protection Suite account to another Suite account
  • Access or move one Smart Protection Suite account to a non-Smart Protection product(s)

Enter Product Key feature

At the right side of the CLP page under Support Information, click the Getting Help link to view the online documentation for CLP.

CLP online help

The knowledge base link will direct you to the Trend Micro Support site.

Smart Protection Suite FAQs

To know about the differences of Smart Protection Complete and Smart Protection for Endpoint, refer to the Getting Started Guide topic: About Trend Micro Smart Protection Suites.

Smart Protection downloads the latest version of TMCM. Currently, it downloads TMCM 6.0 and TMCM 6.0 Service Pack 1.

Deployment Kit FAQs

To know where you can find the Deployment Kit build information, refer to the Knowledgebase article: Finding the build/version of your Smart Protection Deployment Kit.

The Smart Protection Deployment Kit has the following limitations:

  • Doesn’t support proxy settings
  • You need to download straight from the CLP to ensure that latest versions of the On-Premise products are downloaded.

For options on how to launch the Deployment Kit if your machine is not connected to the Internet, refer to the Knowledgebase article: Running the Smart Protection Deployment Kit on machines without Internet connection.

No. Smart Protection Suite ensures that the latest version of products will be downloaded. If you want to download previous product versions you can download it from the Trend Micro Download Center.

As soon as the Deployment Kit finishes downloading the product, go to the Download section to view the downloaded product and its version.

Deploy; Register
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