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"Unable to upgrade the Trend Micro Security (for Mac) server" appears when installing the Trend Micro Security for Mac (TMSM) or Apex One (Mac) Plug-in

    • Updated:
    • 1 Mar 2021
    • Product/Version:
    • Apex One (Mac)
    • OfficeScan 10.6
    • OfficeScan 11.0
    • OfficeScan 11.0
    • Security For Macintosh
    • Trend Micro Security for Mac 2.0
    • Platform:
    • Windows 2008 Server R2
    • Windows 2008 Server R2 Datacenter
    • Windows 2008 Server R2 Enterprise

When installing the TMSM or Apex One (Mac) Plug-in, the following error appears:

Unable to upgrade Apex One Mac

An error in the Plug-in Service program occurred. Unable to upgrade the Trend Micro Security (for Mac) server. The product's database cannot be reinstalled. Contact your support provider for help in resolving this issue.


Upon checking the TMSM_PreInstall.log, it shows similar lines to the snippet below:

[5-26-2014 09:23:40][DebugLevel-Info]---Prepare to insatll TMSM (D:\Repack\installshield\TMSforMacintosh\Script Files\Setup.Rul, 889)
[5-26-2014 09:23:40][DebugLevel-Info]---Loading dlls.... (D:\Repack\installshield\TMSforMacintosh\Script Files\Setup.Rul, 896)
[5-26-2014 09:23:40][DebugLevel-Info]---Start loading dll from C:\Windows\TEMP\{7E62045F-C449-4379-AE93-BC5D8EBEA2EC}\{585D1C07-4D36-4465-AE4A-FA83DDA71948}\TMSMSQLSetupUtility.dll
(D:\Repack\installshield\TMSforMacintosh\Script Files\Setup.Rul, 898)
[5-26-2014 09:23:41][DebugLevel-Info]---this is 64-bit platform, should be installed 64-bit JRE. (D:\Repack\installshield\TMSforMacintosh\Script Files\Setup.Rul, 752)
[5-26-2014 09:23:41][DebugLevel-Info]---JRE meets requirment, skip JRE installation (D:\Repack\installshield\TMSforMacintosh\Script Files\Setup.Rul, 768)
[5-26-2014 09:23:41][DebugLevel-Info]---Check password existance. (D:\Repack\installshield\TMSforMacintosh\Script Files\Setup.Rul, 720)
[5-26-2014 09:23:41][DebugLevel-Info]---Check TMSM application existance. (D:\Repack\installshield\TMSforMacintosh\Script Files\Setup.Rul, 734)
[5-26-2014 09:23:41][DebugLevel-Info]---Don't need to install VC2005Redistibution for CM (D:\Repack\installshield\TMSforMacintosh\Script Files\Setup.Rul, 488)
[5-26-2014 09:23:41][DebugLevel-Info]---Don't need to install VC2005Redistibution (D:\Repack\installshield\TMSforMacintosh\Script Files\Setup.Rul, 502)
[5-26-2014 09:23:43][DebugLevel-Info]---[ReinstallDB] Start to reinstall db (D:\Repack\installshield\TMSforMacintosh\Script Files\Setup.Rul, 861)
[5-26-2014 09:23:43][DebugLevel-Info]---[ReinstallDB] Calling TMSMSQLSetupUtility.DecryptPassword (D:\Repack\installshield\TMSforMacintosh\Script Files\Setup.Rul, 863)
[5-26-2014 09:23:43][DebugLevel-Error]---[ReinstallDB] DecryptPassword failure. (D:\Repack\installshield\TMSforMacintosh\Script Files\Setup.Rul, 867)
[5-26-2014 09:23:43][DebugLevel-Info]---[ReinstallDB] updgarde DB schema. (D:\Repack\installshield\TMSforMacintosh\Script Files\Setup.Rul, 875)
[5-26-2014 09:23:43][DebugLevel-Info]---Calling SetupUtility.InstallDatabase to upgrade db_tmsm. (D:\Repack\installshield\TMSforMacintosh\Script Files\Setup.Rul, 654)
[5-26-2014 09:23:43][DebugLevel-Error]---[ReinstallDB] Installing database failed (D:\Repack\installshield\TMSforMacintosh\Script Files\Setup.Rul, 879)
[5-26-2014 09:23:43][DebugLevel-Error]---[Update] Cannot reinstall DB (D:\Repack\installshield\TMSforMacintosh\Script Files\Setup.Rul, 220)
[5-26-2014 09:23:43][DebugLevel-Info]---Unloading dlls.... (D:\Repack\installshield\TMSforMacintosh\Script Files\Setup.Rul, 914)

Based from the TMSM_PreInstall.log, the issue happens because either of the following registry key is present:

  • For TMSM: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{AA096B41-7254-4F59-9672-4BB31C3A6570}
  • For Apex One (Mac): HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{C340BAB2-9A21-41B9-A465-7AC7B1DF773E}

When the registry key is present, the installation process will be considered as a reinstall or upgrade, instead of a fresh installation.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Open the Windows services snap-in.
  2. Stop all SQL services (if applicable).
  3. Open the Registry Editor.
    Always back up the whole registry before making any modifications. Incorrect changes to the registry can cause serious system problems.
  4. Navigate to the following registry hive:
    • For TMSM: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\
    • For Apex One (Mac): HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\
  5. Look for and delete either of the following registry keys:
    • For TMSM: {AA096B41-7254-4F59-9672-4BB31C3A6570}
    • For Apex One (Mac): {C340BAB2-9A21-41B9-A465-7AC7B1DF773E}
  6. Run the installation again. The installation should be successful.
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