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Upgrading products of existing users to Smart Protection Suite

    • Updated:
    • 13 Mar 2020
    • Product/Version:
    • Smart Protection Complete 1.0
    • Smart Protection for Endpoints 1.0
    • Platform:
    • Windows 2008 Standard
    • Windows 2008 Standard 64-bit
You want to learn how existing customers can upgrade their products to Smart Protection Suite.
Existing customers using standalone (On-Premise or SaaS) or suite products can upgrade to Smart Protection Suite and use one or several of the products and services offered in the Smart Protection product list.
In this scenario, the Activation Code (AC) of the existing product or service is retained and extended in the backend. For new products, new ACs will be issued.
Below is the general procedure of how existing users upgrade their products to Smart Protection:
  1. Place an upgrade order for Smart Protection by contacting your local Trend Micro Reseller.  Once completed, you will receive a License Certificate that includes the Smart Protection Registration Key (RK).
    Note:The Registration Key (RK) is different from the Activation Code (AC). The RK is the licensing code given when you purchase Smart Protection. There is only one RK per Smart Protection account. Once you register the RK, you will get one AC per product/service.
    Sample License Cert
  2. Go to the Customer Licensing Portal.
  3. Click the Sign up now link.
    Customer Licensing Portal
  4. Select No, I am a first time user and enter your Smart Protection RK then click Continue.
    Enter Smart Protection RK
  5. Review the product information and license agreement. Tick the checkbox I have read and accept and Trend Micro License Agreement, and then click Continue.
    Tick the checkbox to accept then click Continue
  6. Fill out the form, and then click Continue.
    Fill out form
  7. The Smart Protection Suite information window will appear containing the list of products included in the purchased suite. Select the new products to install.
    For products that already have existing ACs, there is no need to replace the ACs or re-install the products.
    Note: In this example screenshot, OfficeScan already has an existing AC, therefore the existing AC is retained.
    Select new products to install
  8. After selecting the new products to install, the Get Deployment Kit button will be enabled. Click Get Deployment Kit to download and install the new products.
    Get Deployment Kit
Upgrade results:
  • The system will preserve the AC of the products that the existing user already owns.  This is determined by comparing the first 6 digits of the Product ID (PID) of the existing product against the Smart Protection component PID.
  • For new products, the customer can use the Deployment Kit to download and install the products. 
Deploy; Register; Purchase
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