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Deploying the BigFix Agent to a Macintosh OS X Endpoint

    • Updated:
    • 13 Mar 2020
    • Product/Version:
    • Core Protection Module 10.5
    • Core Protection Module 10.6
    • Endpoint Security Platform 7.2
    • Endpoint Security Platform 8.0
    • Endpoint Security Platform 8.1
    • Endpoint Security Platform 8.2
    • Platform:
    • Macintosh Leopard
    • Macintosh Lion
    • Macintosh Mavericks
    • Macintosh Mountain Lion
    • Macintosh Snow Leopard
    • Macintosh Tiger
    • Macintosh Yosemite
Learn how to deploy the BES Agent Component in Mac OS X computers.
Before deploying the BES Agent Component, you need the following requirements:
To deploy the BigFix Agent:
  1. Enable Remote Login to Open SSH Port 22.
    1. Log in to the Mac OS and go to System Preferences > Sharing.
    2. Tick the Remote Logincheckbox.
      Enable remote login
      Click image to enlarge.
    3. Use Telnet to verify access to SSH Port 22 using the command:
      telnet <Mac_IP_or_Hostname> 22
      You should see the following when connected successfully:
      Trying <Mac_IP_or_Hostname>...
          Connected to <Mac_IP_or_Hostname>.
          Escape character is '^]'.
      Otherwise, refer to the article How To Enable SSH on Your Mac for additional configurations.
  2. Install the *NIX/Mac Client Deploy Tool and deploy the Unix-base BES Client to the Mac OS.
    1. Run the MSI package "ULAInstallerMSI.msi" to install *NIX/Mac Client Deploy Tool on the Endpoint Security Platform Server.
    2. Go to Start > All Programs > Tivoli Endpoint Manager and open the NIX Client Installer.
    3. Click Next on the Welcome page of the *NIX Client Deployment Wizard.
    4. Provide the necessary information and click Next.
      Enter NIX credentials
      Click image to enlarge.
      Username: <User that can log in and has permission to install the client component>
      Password: <Password of the "Username">
      Masthead: <Location of the actionsite masthead file "masthead.afxm/actionsite.afxm">
    5. Select the Client Version to install from the drop-down list and click Next.
      Choose the client version
      Click image to enlarge.
    6. Provide the <Mac_IP_or_Hostname> of the target endpoint to install the Client Component and click Next.
    7. Review the Status and click Next to continue.
    8. Click Startto deploy the BES Client to the target endpoint.
      Start BES Client deployment
      Click image to enlarge.
    9. Log on to the Endpoint Security Platform console and go to the Computers folder to verify the managed Mac OS Endpoint.
      Verify the managed Mac OS
      Click image to enlarge.
You can now start administering Mac OS X Endpoints using the Trend Micro Mac Protection Module (TMMPM) Administration Guide.
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