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Malware File Submission Process Update in Premium Services Connection (PSC)

    • Updated:
    • 13 Mar 2020
    • Product/Version:
    • Control Manager
    • Data Loss Prevention Endpoint
    • Deep Discovery Email Inspector
    • Deep Security
    • Encryption for Email
    • Hosted Mobile Security
    • Interscan Messaging Security Virtual Appliance
    • Interscan Web Security Virtual Appliance
    • Platform:
    • N/A N/A

Trend Micro Premium Support customers may have noticed that beginning in late October 2015, some of the file submission options have changed when submitting malware files for analysis in the Premium Services Connection (PSC) portal. Trend Micro continually reviews its customer tools and portals, and will periodically make changes to improve efficiency and effectiveness on either the customer side, Trend Micro’s backend, or both.


The change that was made in October 2015, was to streamline the choices available when submitting a file for malware analysis under Threat Support > Submit files for Analysis / Detection.

The primary reason for this change is to ensure that all file submissions first go through our automated scanning infrastructure, which many times will answer a customer’s inquiry without the need for further analysis or engagement. Customers who still require assistance after the initial scanning may still escalate as needed.

The option that was removed was found to create several extra steps for many customers and Trend Micro, especially in instances where the initial scanning successfully resolved the query.

Below are the two remaining streamlined options available when submitting files for analysis and steps how to submit a service request if a user wants or needs to further investigate the analysis result:

Files will be analyzed through automation systems and no additional service request will be created. Customers who just want to verify whether or not a file is detected should use this option.

Option 1: Select a request type

  1. Files will be analyzed through automation systems and a service request will be created only when one or more files are undecided. Those undecided files will be sent to Trend Micro’s malware service team for further analysis.

    Option 2: Select a request type

  2. After the file is submitted, the page will be refreshed and file analysis result is displayed.

    Final analysis results

    To request for additional corrective actions, from the results page, select a file result (1), then click on the Request Form tab (2).

  3. Select a corrective action. The user may select from:

    • Dispute Detection/Analysis Results – for issues where files have questionable analysis results, whether falsely detected or not detected.
    • Report Files/Malware NOT Properly Cleaned – for issues where proper detections were made, but cleanup is incomplete.
    • Analyze and Submit Files for Detection – select files without final result (normal/malicious) and escalate them into a case.
    • Generic To Specific Analysis Request – select files with generic detection and escalate them into a case.

    Select a request type

  4. Complete the Request Form.

    • Fields indicated with ‘*’ are required fields
    • A handy function to take note of is the Product Profile Field. Product profiles can be configured under Account Management. When a product profile is selected, Product, Product Version, and Product Language fields are auto-completed.
    • Submitted service requests are managed under Service Request Tracking.

    Request form

As a reminder, please feel free to contact your Customer Support Manager (CSM) for any questions or feedback on PSC or any other element of the Premium Support Program.

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