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Event Error 6644 shows up in application servers of PortalProtect

    • Updated:
    • 24 Nov 2016
    • Product/Version:
    • Portalprotect 2.5
    • Platform:
    • Windows 2003 Enterprise
    • Windows 2003 Standard
    • Windows 2008 Enterprise
    • Windows 2008 Standard

Application servers within the SharePoint farm experience the PortalProtect Event Error 6644:

'TrendMicro.PortalProtect.hookWCUtility, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=3d25d8fff8a3665b' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.


When the web content hook is deployed in the SharePoint farm of the current PortalProtect design, PortalProtect gets the current instance of the administrator's web application from the server farm and then registers the event handler to each SharePoint list.

The hook error pops up in the server that has no PortalProtect installed because PortalProtect also has a registered event handler in the server's lists. If there is a list access/update, such as system access, in this server, the error may occur.

Since the server does not have PortalProtect installed, PortalProtect cannot find the web content hook file TrendMicro.PortalProtect.hookWCUtility.dll after the event handler was registered.

To resolve the issue:

  1. Install PortalProtect in the problematic servers.
  2. Restart the services below:
    • "Sharepoint 2010 Timer"
    • "World Wide Web Publishing Service"

    Wait for an hour before checking whether the error still occurs.

  3. If the issue persists, do the following:
    • On the problematic server, check whether the TrendMicro.PortalProtect.hookWCUtility file exists under C:\Windows\assembly\.
    • Check whether SharePoint can find the Trendmicro.PortalProtect.hookwcutility file:
      1. Download Process monitor here.
      2. Add the following filters:
        • "Path"
        • "contains"
        • "Trendmicro.PortalProtect.hookwcutility"
      3. Wait for an hour and make sure that there are accesses on the SharePoint list at this time.
    • Check whether the file hook module Trendmicro.PortalProtect.hookwcutility can be loaded:
      1. Log on to the PortalProtect web console and enable Scan Web Content.
      2. Download the Process Explore tool here.
      3. Open the tool and go to Find > Find Handle or DLL.
      4. Search for Trendmicro.PortalProtect.hookwcutility and take a screenshot of the result.

If the Trendmicro.PortalProtect.hookwcutility file exists, the issue should be resolved.

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