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Updates to Trend Micro Customer Success Portal Submissions

    • Updated:
    • 13 Mar 2020
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Starting on July 12, 2017, customers using Trend Micro’s Customer Success Portal to submit issues will see a slight change.  This was implemented for better categorization and routing of issues to the correct Trend Micro resource teams more efficiently.


Here is a brief outline of the minor enhancements:

  1. “Issue Type” will now include a separate radial button for either Product Issues or Threat Issues on the New Request submission form.  Depending on the type selected, submitters will see issue categories relevant to the type of issue.

    Issue Type

    Click image to enlarge

  2. For consistency, all cases - including both Product and Threat issues - will have an SR number assigned to it.  (Previously threat issues had a REF ID instead).

    SR Case Number

  3. The Threat type Issue Categories have been updated to hopefully simplify submissions and better reflect changes in the current threat landscape:

    Changed/Updated Issue Categories

    • Malware Detected but Clean Failed

      • Submitters can now select the category “Infected or possibly infected” to submit clean failed cases.
      • In addition, submitters can also use “Infected or possibly infected” to submit cases which they suspect the system is infected, but no malicious sample has been collected or is otherwise available.
    • Spam

      • “Spam” and “Spam False Positive” originally were combined under the previous “Spam” category, and have now been separated into two separate entries for clarity.
    • Virus False Alarm

      • Technically, a  “False Alarm” can refer to both a False Positive and False Negative.   Therefore this Issue Category had been updated to “Virus False Positive” to make it more specific.
      • For False Negative submissions, customers may use “Collected Threat Sample Analysis” (see below) to submit malicious samples which they believe Trend Micro is not properly detecting. (Note: users may also use the  “Infected or possibly infected” Issue Category if the suspect sample is from an infected client.)

    Newly Added Issue Categories

    • Collected Threat Sample Analysis

      • Customers should use this issue category to submit all type of suspicious samples (File, URL, Email) for Trend Micro to analyze and/or provide detections if necessary.
      • The system will auto extract attachments or URL embedded in emails.
    • Threat Inquiry

      • Customer now can use this Issue Category to submit inquiries about hot threats, Trend Micro recommendations and other questions when they do not have samples or other code to analyze.
  4. The Analysis Result view has been enhanced to contain additional information. The system can now display analysis result for different type of samples (File, URL, Email, ATTK Log).

    Analysis Results

    Click image to enlarge

  5. New Added escalation types:

    • Virus Report

      • Users can request a “Virus Report” for infection cases.

        Virus Report

        Click image to enlarge

    • Request ATTK Log Analysis

      • Users can use “Request ATTK Log Analysis” for further analysis if they are not comfortable with the initial ATTK log results or need further clarification.

        Request ATTK Log Analysis

        Click image to enlarge

We believe these enhancements will help better streamline case submissions in order to hopefully shorten resolution times for all of our customers.

Please feel free to contact your authorized Trend Micro representative for any questions or concerns on these new changes.

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