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Remote Manager (TMRM) scheduled systems upgrade

    • Updated:
    • 4 Sep 2018
    • Product/Version:
    • Remote Manager
    • Platform:
    • N/A N/A

Trend Micro will be performing a Scheduled Maintenance on Remote Manager during the following time period:

Region: United States, Latin America Regions, Japan, APEC, Others

Date/Time (GMT+8)Los AngelesBerlinTokyo
2017/09/10, 15:00Sun 00:00Sun 09:00Sun 16:00

Region: Europe, Middle East, Africa

Date/Time (GMT+8)Los AngelesBerlinTokyo
2017/09/10, 10:00Sat 19:00Sun 04:00Sun 11:00

Maintenance Type: Service Upgrade

Impact on service:

There will be five (5) hours downtime during the maintenance period affecting the following:

  • TMRM management console will not be available during the maintenance period.
  • Third-party Integration Plug-in (e.g. Labtech, Kaseya) and Cloud Services Platform Integration (CSPI) services will not be available during the maintenance period.
  • Events and license data will not be able to sync to TMRM during the downtime. TMRM will re-sync the data after the maintenance period.

What's New:

Redesigned DashboardThe Remote Manager redesigned dashboard provides a quick view of the security, system, and license statuses of all customers.
For more information, see Understanding the Dashboard.
Overall Detections widgetThis interactive widget provides an overview of all the threat detections and policy violations across the network during the selected period. Access links to additional data views and detailed event logs directly from the widget.
For more information, see Overall Detections Widget.
Enhanced Notification CenterAccess the Notification Center through the Customers with Notifications widget, which provides a quick way to identify customers with "Action required" or "Warning" events. The Notification Center allows you to view detailed logs of customer events.
For more information, see Notification Center.
Customizable email content for Worry-Free Business Security ServicesYou can customize individual email messages for "Action required" or "Warning" events. Specify recipients, message content, message frequency, and more.
For more information, see Customizing Email Notification Content.
Mass policy deploymentRemote Manager provides you the ability to configure a single Worry-Free Business Security Services policy and deploy the settings to multiple customers in one batch deployment.
For more information, see Mass Policy Updates to Multiple Customers.

We appreciate your patience as we conduct this scheduled maintenance to enhance our service. We will endeavor to minimize any impact to you during this process.

This is an automatically generated email so please do not reply. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Technical Support or your assigned Customer Service Manager.

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