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How do I migrate from a DEMO vSMS to a purchased vSMS

    • Updated:
    • 16 Aug 2017
    • Product/Version:
    • TippingPoint SMS All
    • TippingPoint Virtual SMS
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A demonstration (DEMO) Security management System (SMS) is usually a device that has been installed and configured for a demonstration project. This systems are fully configured and are able to perform all SMS functions with the only issue being that the device is licensed as a DEMO unit and as such is not registered to a customer but to Trend Micro TippingPoint. If the customer wishes to have a licensed unit he will have to purchase a vSMS license package and deploy a new system. If the settings for the DEMO unit will be migrated over, the customer will have to perform an SMS backup and restore function from the DEMO unit to the new vSMS.
  1. Backup the DEMO vSMS system.
  2. Export profiles separately.
  3. Unmanage devices from the DEMO vSMS.
  4. Obtain the vSMS Software from the Threat Managemnt Center (TMC).
  5. Obtain the vSMS Certification String.
  6. Deploy the vSMS Software.
  7. Start the vSMS Software.
    • NOTE: As the vSMS starts up, the TippingPoint splash screen is displayed for up to 90 seconds. System status messages are written to the serial port and then displayed on the monitor. After powering up the server, the vSMS Hardware Out-of-Box (OBE) Setup Wizard prompts you to perform basic configuration tasks and to periodically input information.
  8. Configure the vSMS server.
    • NOTE: The vSMS server will re-boot after the configuration is complete.
  9. Allow the vSMS server to complete the reboot and configuration.
  10. Install the new Client Software.
  11. Restore the database from the DEMO vSMS.
  12. If the IP address you gave the vSMS server is different than the old SMS, then you must delete all the IPS devices and re-manage them.  If the IP address is the same as the old server then the IPSs should be ok.
  13. Redistribute your profiles to all devices and segments from the new vSMS.
IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you know the administrative credentials for managing the IPS devices.
Configure; Troubleshoot; Deploy
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