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Digital Vaccine (DV) Filter Performance and Confidence Rating!

    • Updated:
    • 16 Aug 2017
    • Product/Version:
    • TippingPoint Digital Vaccine
    • Platform:
Frequently asked questions about "Filter Performance and Filter Confidence.
Filter Performance Rating


  • What is a filter performance rating?
    • TippingPoint provides these ratings as a best estimate of how this filter will perform in a production environment. Environments can vary greatly depending on the complexity of network traffic. Your performance results may vary.
  • What do the filter performance rating numbers mean?
    • Filters are assigned a rating from 1 to 10. 10 is the fastest possible filter.
  • How do you determine the filter performance rate?
    • TippingPoint uses internal test data along with real world filter performance data to determine an overall rating.
  • What does a question mark mean in a filter performance rate?
    • This filter has not been assigned a performance rate. The rating will be updated when TippingPoint has gathered more performance data.

Filter Confidence Rating


  • What does "Filter Confidence" mean?
    • "Filter Confidence" provides information about how other TippingPoint IPS customers use filters. This information highlights filters that other customers found particularly interesting or useful and which may be of interest to all customers. Filter configuration options are also displayed, as well as the percentage of customers who have selected each option.
      • The following options are listed:

        • Recommended
        • Block
        • Permit
        • Rate Limited
  • What does Recommended mean?
    • Filters using the "Recommended" option use the Digital Vaccine-provided defaults for that filter relative to each filter deployment mode. Select the filter in the Filter Confidence table to view the provided default behavior.
  • What do "Permit", "Block", and "Rate Limited" mean?
    • If the IPS administrator is not using the system default for a filter, they can Permit, Block,or Rate Limit traffic that matches the filter. The Filter Confidence tables show the percentage of customers who have overridden the default and selected one of these options.
  • Why are the majority of filters set to "Recommended"?
    • In some cases, IPS administrators find that their environment requires a more or less aggressive approach to specific types of traffic and choose to modify the default configuration. However, the majority of customers find that the recommended values reflect the needs of their environment and do not modify the settings.
  • How should confidence ratings impact my IPS filters?
    • Confidence ratings provide another data point and context when you decide how a specific filter should be used in your environment. Understanding how other customers use a specific filter can help you determine with confidence whether accepting the default or changing the configuration is an appropriate action for your environment.
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