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How do I restore the SMS database?

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    • 18 Aug 2017
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The SMS server maintains important data in both its database and in configuration files. The database holds data about the current and historical operations of the SMS server as well as the devices it manages. The configuration files contain data such as SMTP server information, NAT configuration information, and user information. This data is critical to the operation of the SMS Server and should be backed up periodically to facilitate recovery from an unexpected failure.


When restoring an SMS Server database, SMS validates the integrity of the file from which backed up data is being restored. If the file is invalid, the SMS console displays an error message. To ensure database integrity, the system automatically reboots after the restore operation. For example, you can restore a backup taken with SMS v4.3 and restore it to an SMS v4.5 server. When you restore a previous-version backup, SMS not only restores the database but properly migrates the data and data structures to match the version of SMS currently running on your SMS server.

Note: If you restore a backup to an SMS server upon which SMS patches are installed, you may need to rollback and reapply the patch after you restore the backup. The restoration process will indicate in a dialog box if you need to perform this task.



  1. Before initiating a restore, ensure there are no active client connections to the SMS Server, including from the SMS client, from the SMS CLI, or from a web browser.
  2. From the Backup and Restore area, click Restore. The SMS Restore Wizard displays.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Browse to and select the backup file you want to restore. The selected file can be of a backup taken with a version of SMS that matches, or is older than, the version of SMS to which the file is being restored.
  5. Click Import. The SMS Restore Wizard verifies the integrity of the chosen file and proceeds if the file is valid. If the file is invalid, the SMS displays an error message.
  6. A summary page is displayed. If all of the summary information is correct, click Finish. Database restoration begins, with the restored data overwriting the existing data. Once complete, the SMS Server reboots to finalize the restore process and ensure data integrity of the restored database.


Reference: SMS User Guide

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