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PB#1066: Renaming of Deployment Modes in Digital Vaccine

    • Updated:
    • 31 Jul 2018
    • Product/Version:
    • TippingPoint Digital Vaccine
    • Platform:
Digital Vaccine Deployment Modes are being renamed.
.preheader { display:none !important; visibility:hidden; height:0; width:0; } Product Bulletin: 1066

Subject: Renaming of Deployment Modes in Digital Vaccine

Date of Announcement: April 19, 2017

Beginning next week (April 25, 2017), TippingPoint will be releasing an enhancement to the Digital Vaccine (DV). The names of some of the deployment modes are changing to better reflect their intended usage. We are deprecating three of the deployment modes; Core, Edge and Perimeter. These three deployment modes will remain in the DV, marked as "Deprecated". The deprecated deployment modes will continue to contain new filters added to the DV, but the new filters in the deprecated deployment modes will have the same characteristics as the Default deployment mode going forward.

The following table reflects the naming changes in relation to the historical names of the deployment modes.
 Current Name New Name
 Default Default
 Aggressive Security-Optimized
 Core Core [Deprecated]
 Edge Edge [Deprecated]
 Hyper-Aggressive Performance-Optimized
 Perimeter Perimeter [Deprecated]

The Aggressive deployment mode is being renamed Security-Optimized to reflect that it emphasizes security over performance. The Hyper-Aggressive deployment mode is being renamed to Performance-Optimized to reflect that it emphasizes network performance over security. Please note that the Performance-Optimized deployment mode is not recommended for use in a production environment it is intended for testing purposes only. The Default deployment mode will remain unchanged.

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