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Using the new Troubleshooting Settings of Apex One as a Service

    • 更新於:
    • 20 Dec 2019
    • 產品/版本:
    • Apex One as a Service
    • 作業系統:
    • N/A

This article contains information on the new Troubleshooting Setting feature for Apex One as a Service.

This feature was implemented during the October 2019 maintenance.

Troubleshooting Settings


Trend Micro constantly monitors your Apex Central as a Service servers and Security Agents for irregularities. Our engineers can take proactive actions to compensate for issues related to server resources, such as hard disk space and memory allocation. However, incorrect server settings or an unsuccessful hot fix deployment may cause service disruptions or unnecessarily high network consumption.

If you grant the necessary permissions, Trend Micro engineers can take proactive, preventative measures to ensure the continuity of your business operations without interrupting you with numerous email messages and notifications. With your permission, Trend Micro engineers can take the following actions to remotely troubleshoot and, in some cases, fix issues in your Apex Central as a Service environment.

TargetTriggers for Trend Micro Support to Take ActionPossible Remediation Actions
  • Abnormal status detected on Apex One as a Service backend monitors, such as high CPU usage, low memory, low disk space alerts, etc.
  • [Default: Enable]

Assess server settings and perform debug log collection

Security Agents
  • Abnormal status detected on the server potentially caused by a malfunctioning agent
  • An open technical support ticket
  • [Default: Enable]

Allow Trend Micro Technical Support to enable debug logging and collect Windows Event Log and Performance Counter data for troubleshooting purposes

  • Enable and collect debug logs from the Security Agent program
  • Collect Windows Event Logs and Performance Counter data
Security Agents
  • Abnormal status detected on the server potentially caused by a malfunctioning agent and an open technical support ticket
  • [Default: Disable]

Allow Trend Micro Technical Support to take proactive, remote troubleshooting actions on the Security Agent program

  • Deploy hot fixes to replace Security Agent files
  • Modify Security Agent settings including:
    • INI file configurations
    • Registry keys:
  • Reload the Security Agent program:
    1. Stop and restart Security Agent services
    2. Force-stop Security Agent processes

To provide this function, a new Task is added under Task Scheduler on the Apex One Security Agent: Trend Micro Apex One Security Services Support Connector

Troubleshooting Settings

This task is run daily and upon user log in to check for the Support Package from Trend Micro backend servers. Support Packages are generated by Trend Micro Technical Support Engineers to perform the Remediation Actions listed above based on permissions provided.

Configure; Troubleshoot




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