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Internet Explorer Configuration

If you are using Internet Explorer 10 or above, you might experience an issue where the following components are not displaying properly:

  • File attachment field for any Virus & Malware Issue Category and Threat Analysis request (New Request page)
  • File attachment field when updating any malware case
  • Results of a threat analysis
  • Results of Spam or URL reclassification case

This is caused by a conflict between Trend Micro's malware submission security configuration and Internet Explorer's default security option called “Access data source across domains”.

To resolve this, please check your Internet Explorer security settings. You may follow these steps:

  1. Open Internet Options in Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the Security Tab then select the zone Trusted Sites.
  3. Click the Sites button to open the Trusted Sites list.
  4. Enter the URL on the field, then click Add.
  5. Once is on the list, click Close.
  6. Still on the Security Tab, click Custom Level.
  7. Find the "Miscellaneous" group of options, then click Enable under “Access data source across domains”
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click Yes if a warning message is prompted.
  10. Click Apply, then click OK to save the changes.
  11. Refresh the page, then you should be able to see those components loaded successfully.

If you are still unable to see the components listed above, please try using a different browser like Chrome or Firefox. If the problem persists, please leave feedback via the Feedback button on the footer.