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Information for Trend Micro Apex One™ customers using XDR

    • Updated:
    • 1 Aug 2020
    • Product/Version:
    • Apex One All
    • Apex One as a Service
    • Platform:

The XDR platform is itself a product. Customers that have XDR Add-on ACs can onboard corresponding products to the XDR platform, enabling the experience of XDR-related features, power of Threat Intelligence, the Security Analytics Engine, and more.


License Model

Customers who have Apex One SaaS with a paid EDR license already have the XDR Add-on.

Customers who have never had a Full/Trial iES license or EDR license can get complimentary XDR licenses for 10% of the licensed seats.

For Apex One as a Service Hybrid customers, Complimentary XDR can only be deployed to clients managed by an Apex One On-Premise server. Follow the on-boarding process in the following article: Apex One On-Premise with Complimentary XDR licenses.

Migration Path

Currently, to migrate from the Complimentary XDR licenses (SaaS, on-prem) or an On-Prem EDR license to a full XDR license, the migration path is Apex One SaaS with paid XDR.

XDR is currently unavailable for On-Premise Only or Hybrid configurations.

Check the detailed comparison of Complimentary XDR and Paid XDR here.

Eligibility for Complimentary XDR

If the following criteria are met, customers are eligible for Complimentary XDR.

Prerequisite: Apex One On-Premise or SaaS licenses must be valid (i.e. still within grace period).
Apex One
Apex Central
Apex Central
Apex One
On-Premise Server
Apex One
Apex Central
Customers' Apex One license seat counts < 100 (US/EU) or < 250 (AMEA/JP)NNNNNN
Customers' Apex One licenses were issued by MSPNNNNNN
Customers installed competitor EDR products or Trend Micro Endpoint Sensor (standalone) on the agentsY4NY4Y4NN
No valid EDR or XDR add-on licenses (trial, full or POC full) activated inside product or in chosen onboarding CLP accountsY5NY6Y5NN

1 There are two (2) possible setups: A) Apex Central On-Prem manages both Apex One On-Prem or SaaS and B) Apex Central On-Prem manages only Apex One SaaS. For Apex One SaaS, if customers onboard Complimentary XDR BEFORE setting up Hybrid, customers can still get 10% Complimentary XDR (as at the time they were able to initiate the flow from Apex Central SaaS just like pure SaaS scenario).

2 Apex One Server needs to be Patch 3 or above.

3 Both new & existing provisions are patched after 2007 July Maintenance.

4 However, customers will need to remove competitor or TMES from agent side manually so that they can successfully enable Complimentary XDR from XDR.

5 For expired on-prem EDR/XDR add-on licenses, customers need to delete the licenses from product manually for Complimentary XDR promotion to display.

6 To be supported soon.

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