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Apex One On-Premise with Complimentary Trend Micro Vision One licenses

    • Updated:
    • 9 Mar 2021
    • Product/Version:
    • Apex One All
    • Trend Micro Vision One All
    • Platform:
    • N/A

Trend Micro Vision One collects and correlates deep activity data across multiple vectors - email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks. This enables a level of detection and investigation that is difficult or impossible to achieve with SIEM or individual point solutions. With Trend Micro Vision One Complimentary Access, you can now add Trend Micro Vision One capabilities to 10% of your licensed seats for the length of your contract (e.g. 5,000 Apex One users = 500 free Trend Micro Vision One licenses).

This article provides the processes for onboarding and migration to paid license.


Who will receive the Trend Micro Vision One promotion?

  • Those with valid EPP License which is not expired or still within grace period.
  • Americas/Europe customers whose EPP License seat count is >= 100 or AMEA/Japan customer whose EPP License seat count is >=250.
  • Those without Apex One on-premise EDR license (Customers can delete on-premise EDR license from Apex One server and then can see the promotion).

    Standalone Trend Micro Endpoint Sensor license is considered as on-premise EDR license but customers may opt to try the Complementary Trend Micro Vision One if they remove TMES agent.
  • Those who have not on-boarded Trend Micro Vision One yet

How do I enable Complimentary Trend Micro Vision One on Apex One On-Premise?

  1. Apply the latest Apex One Patch (Build 8358 or higher).
  2. Accept "Enhanced Support Service" here or accept it in a later step.
  3. The blue bar will appear (controlled by backend)
    • BB -> Promotion Window
    • Trend Micro Vision One Console -> APT -29 Demo (tutorial)
    • BB -> Trend Micro Vision One Console
      • 10% recommended list.
        • If "Enhanced Support Service" was not accepted in the previous step, the GUID will be shown ("Enhanced Support Service" is required to proceed).
        • Select by hostname
      • A pop-up window will show 25 recommended clients every time.

If I would like to use Trend Micro Vision One on more agents, how do I migrate to paid license?

  1. You need to purchase an Trend Micro Vision One Add-on license (SaaS).
  2. Once this license is active from CLP, you can migrate Apex One On-Premise to Apex One as a Service and enable Trend Micro Vision One.
    1. Use the server migration tool to migrate settings from on-premise to SaaS.
    2. Move agents from on-premise to SaaS.
    3. Deploy Apex One policy to target endpoints.
    4. In the above step, it is also possible to enable Endpoint Sensor from the chosen policy to the agents selected. Free EDR on these agents will be disabled automatically when Apex One enables full mode EDR.
      Endpoint Sensor enabled on Trend Micro Vision One Inventory App won't be passed to Apex One SaaS (limitation in June release).
    5. A cross-check on Apex Central console can also be done by using the filters below to know which endpoints have enabled Endpoint Sensor.
Migrate; Register
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