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Intrusion Prevention Engine (IPS) and Firewall Engine are offline in Deep Security due to missing vNic slot

    • Updated:
    • 9 Oct 2020
    • Product/Version:
    • Deep Security 12.0
    • Deep Security 12.5
    • Platform:

Virtual Machines (VMs) protected by Deep Security Virtual Appliance (DSVA) are showing IPS offline and Firewall Engine offline.

Below are the details of this issue.

  • In Computer view within Deep Security Manager (DSM) console, it has an alert Intrusion Prevention Engine Offline and Firewall Engine Offline:

  • The NSX License is Advanced. (The feature is supported for this license).
  • Service Composer configuration has been verified to be configured correctly. (Network Introspection is configured/enabled, Security Policy is assigned to Security Group, and affected VMs are member of the Security Group.)
  • Since the issue is with IPS/Firewall, this is related to Network Introspection.
  • On the ESXi Host where the affected VM is running, use the command "summarize-dvfilter" to find the filter settings for the protected VM.
  • Take note of the affected VM Name, and look for vNic slot 4 whether it is missing or not. If missing, this could be an indicator of the issue
  • For comparison, look for another VM and check if it has an entry for vNic slot 4.
  • In the sample below, the upper section shows a VM without vNic slot 4. The lower section shows a VM with vNic slot 4.

  • Slot 4-12 are for 3rd-party services. This is where traffic is redirected to 3rd-party service appliances, like Trend Micro DSVA, which is part of the IOChain.


The known root cause is missing vNic slot 4 for the affected VM in summarize-dvfilter command in ESXi Host.

The recommended action is to contact VMware Support to check why there is no vNic slot 4 for the problematic VM even though having configured the NSX Security Group and Security Policy with Network Introspection.


  • In a working environment, a protected VM has vNic slot 4 and has no IPS/Firewall engine offline issue

Log Collection

  • Deep Security Manager Diagnostic Package
  • Deep Security Virtual Appliance Diagnostic Package
  • ESXi Tech Support Bundle
  • NSX Manager Tech Support Bundle
  • Output of summarize-dvfilter command
  • Version/Build of vCenter Server, NSX Manager, ESXi Host, Deep Security Manager, Deep Security Virtual Appliance
  • Screenshot of Service Composer Configuration, Security Policy, Security Group
  • Screenshot of IPS/Firewall Engine Offline
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