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Apex One as a Service Important Notice on January 2021 Maintenance

    • Updated:
    • 21 Dec 2020
    • Product/Version:
    • Apex One as a Service
    • Platform:

Trend Micro Apex One™ as a Service will be enhancing number of security features on January 20 & 27, 2021 update. This is in response to threats that actively attempts to disable Security Agent protections. This comes with some changes to the current policy settings and feature behavior that customers need to be aware of.


Notable Changes

  1. Self-Protection enabled by Default and policy settings removed:

    • Maximizes protection uptime and resiliency against programs attempting to disable anti-malware protection.
    • Always-On Self-Protection.
    • The following Policy Settings will be removed:

      • Protect Security Agent services
      • Protect files in the Security Agent installation folder
      • Protect Security Agent registry keys
      • Protect Security Agent processes

      Self-Protection and policy settings

      The full self-protection feature will be enabled on all agents regardless of existing policy configuration.
    • Expanded protection scope of Server Self-Protection feature:

      • The Server Self-Protection feature is being enhanced to include Ransomware Protection, which protects documents against unauthorized encryption or modification.

        Server Self-Protection


    Trend Micro has been consistently working to improve performance and stability of Security Agent Self-Protection features. Under normal circumstances, customers who already have both these settings enabled does not need to take further action. Enhancements will be enabled as soon as the Security Agents are upgraded to the latest build after the January maintenance update.

    However, customers who are running Security Agents on business-critical systems are advised to control the deployment of the new program updates by disabling the agent upgrade before the January update: This will help mitigate unexpected impacts of the security enhancements. The Agent Update settings can be configured in the Apex Central console by going to:

    Apex One Security Agent Policies > Privileges and Other Settings > Other Settings tab > Update Settings > Security Agents only update the following components > (Set to) Pattern files.
    Pattern files

    For support assistance, please contact Trend Micro Technical Support.

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