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Trend Micro Deep Discovery Analyzer (DDAN) 7.0 is now available

    • Updated:
    • 12 Apr 2021
    • Product/Version:
    • Deep Discovery Analyzer 7.0
    • Platform:

Trend Micro Deep Discovery Analyzer (DDAN) 7.0 GM Build 1247 has officially been released and is now available in the Download Center.

The following are some of the new features and enhancements in this version:

  • Network share scanning

    • Perform a scheduled or on-demand scan on files in specified network share locations.
  • Interactive mode

    • Enables user interaction during sample analysis in a secured Virtual Analyzer environment through VNC (Virtual Network Computing) connections.
  • Enhanced interface management

    • Network interface card (NIC) teaming
    • Optional 10Gbps fiber NIC support on hardware model 1200
    • Interface configuration for the management port
  • Enhanced Virtual Analyzer

    • Windows 10 20H1 and CentOS 7.8 (64-bit) image support
    • New OpenDocument (ODF) file types (.odt, .odp, and .ods) for Microsoft Office or LibreOffice in Windows images
    • New archive file types (.alz and .egg)
    • Support for CentOS 7.8 (64-bit) images in Virtual Analyzer enables the following:

      • ELF and shell (.sh) file analysis
      • Custom or pre-defined Linux image (Trend Micro Download Center) import
  • Enhanced detection capabilities

    • Classify password-protected files based on ICAP pre-scan results
    • New archive file types (.alz and .egg) for ICAP pre-scan
    • New file types (ELF, Shell, OpenDocument) for ICAP prescan
    • URL scan for FTP addresses containing user name and password information
  • Enhanced storage maintenance

    • Storage location for analysis results in a cluster environment (on primary node or both primary and secondary nodes)
    • Detection log deletion
  • Enhanced failover support in high availability clustering

    • Having the failover option in high availability configuration to have Deep Discovery Analyzer switch to the passive primary appliance when the external connection for Virtual Analyzer becomes unavailable.
  • Deep Discovery Director integration

    • Synchronize suspicious object lists from Deep Discovery Director
    • Option to use the synchronized suspicious object list for ICAP pre-scan and Virtual Analyzer analysis
    • Deployment of Linux images from Deep Discovery Director
  • Enhanced account management

    • Detect and enforce default password change for local user accounts upon first logon for account
    • Require users to provide the old password when changing local account passwords security
    • Reset administrator password in the pre-configuration console via the serial port
  • Enhanced DDCloud integration

    • Native Mac Sandboxing

For details of the new features and enhancements, refer to the DDAN 7.0 Online Help section: What's New.


Upgrading from Previous Versions

Direct inline migration for DDAN 6.8 and DDAN 6.9, on Hardware 1100/1200 module.

Package Download & Readme

Install; Upgrade
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