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Additional information on upgrading to InterScan Messaging Security Suite (IMSS) 7.1

    • Updated:
    • 24 Nov 2016
    • Product/Version:
    • InterScan Messaging Security Suite 7.1 Linux
    • InterScan Messaging Security Suite 7.1 Windows
    • Platform:
    • Linux - Red Hat RHEL 3 32-bit
    • Linux - SuSE version 9
    • Windows 2003 Standard Server Edition
    • Windows 2008 Enterprise Server
Learn the features you can use when migrating to IMSS 7.1 and settings that cannot be migrated. 
The IMSS installation program automatically upgrades from version 5.7 on the supported platform. When the installation program detects this version (5.7), it will:
  • Uninstall the previous IMSS version
  • Install IMSS version 7.x
  • Migrate the existing settings
Note: If you choose not to migrate your old IMSS settings, we recommend completely uninstalling the previous IMSS version and then doing a fresh install of the latest version.
After upgrading to the latest version, you need to enter the Activation Codes (AC) to be able to use the following:
  • Antivirus and Content Filter
  • SPS (includes IP Profiler)
To use Network Reputation Services (NRS), you must enter the AC during installation.
The following settings cannot be migrated:
End User Quarantine (EUQ) Settings
  • EUQ approved senders
  • EUQ spam mail
Report Settings
  • Pearl reports
  • SPS reports
Configuration Settings
  • Quarantine area and archive folder paths
  • Email messages in archive folders
  • Log paths
  • Limits on notifications for processes per hour
  • Web console password
  • Product Activation Codes
  • Database settings in the odbc.ini and database.ini files
Policy Settings
  • Security settings: number of clean attempts, number of viruses reported, and message size criteria
  • User-defined virus filters in sub-policies
  • Customized actions for “No virus” in the virus filter
  • Virus scanning settings for “Extensions to Exclude” for “Specified File Types”
  • Global spam scanning mode
  • Additional sensitivity for SPS filtering
  • Action settings for graymail
  • Advanced action settings for spam
  • Expression list matching for attachments or file type in the advanced content filter
  • Actions for "Archive Original"
  • Notifications with original mail attachments
  • Forwarding original email message attachments
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