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Best practice for setting up Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) in Apex One/OfficeScan

    • Updated:
    • 1 Oct 2021
    • Product/Version:
    • Apex One 2019
    • OfficeScan XG
    • Platform:

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a server computing model that enables desktop virtualization and covers the hardware and software systems required to support a virtualized environment.

This article discusses the best practices when using the Apex One/OfficeScan client in a VDI environment.


Follow these best practices to mitigate performance issues when running the Apex One client on a VDI environment:

  1. Use Trend Micro Virtual Support, which is available as a plug-in. This feature prohibits clients from performing on-demand/scheduled scan or component updates simultaneously, optimizing I/O on virtual hosts.

    Virtual Desktop Support

    Create golden images for Apex One client installation after installing the Virtual Desktop Support on the Apex One server. Refer to this article: Configuring the Apex One Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) client.

  2. Adjust the maximum number of Apex One clients for simultaneous on-demand/scheduled scan or component updates. Follow this article: Controlling the performance of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment.
  3. Add Recommended scan exclusion list.
  4. These services can affect overall performance. It is advised to disable them:
    • Disable Firewall Service.

      Service Settings

    • Disable Sample Submission on the agent.

      Disable Sample Submission

      Click the image to enlarge.

  5. Upgrade Apex One to the latest version.

    It enhances client management on non-persistent desktops, prohibiting duplicated clients from appearing on the client management tree.

    Virtual Desktop Support enhances the performance of smart scan component updates on a VDI environment.

  6. Select Smart Scan as Scan Method. Smart Scan update performance on a VDI environment has been enhanced on these versions.

    Scan Methods

  7. Disable digital signature cache and enable on-demand cache.

    Enabling both of them can affect performance on a VDI environment.

    Privileges and Other Settings

  8. Disable Scheduled Scan if Virtual Desktop Support is not used.

    Simultaneous scanning on several guest OS will lead to a performance drop on the host machine.

  9. Avoid changing the Apex One settings on a root domain or domains with multiple clients.

    For example, do not switch between Conventional Scan and Smart Scan on a VDI environment at those domains.

    A scan type change will immediately trigger a full pattern update on a guest environment, causing disk I/O congestion.

  10. Recreate the golden/master VM image with the latest Apex One pattern components when deploying non-persistent desktops within 14 days after creating the image.

    Apex One clients won't be able to update incremental components, affecting performance on virtual hosts.

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