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Installing the Active Directory Sync Client of Hosted Email Security (HES)

    • Updated:
    • 13 Mar 2020
    • Product/Version:
    • Hosted Email Security 1.9.8
    • Hosted Email Security 2.0
    • Platform:
    • N/A N/A
Learn the installation procedure for the HES Active Directory Sync Client, especially for first-time users/administrators.
To install and configure the HES ActiveDirectory Sync Client:
  1. Download the latest HES ActiveDirectory Sync Client.
    1. Log in to the HES web console.
    2. Click Administration > Web Services > Download the latest client.
      The HES Active Directory Sync client requires Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 in order for the installation to work and run properly.
      • If  Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 is installed in your computer, proceed to Step 2.
      • If it is not found in your computer, you will be prompted during the installation process to install Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0. Click Accept to start the download process. The download process may take several minutes depending on your Internet connection speed.
        After the download process is completed, installation of Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 will start. The installation process takes about 10 minutes. Once finished, go to Step 2.
  2. On the Welcome to the Hosted Email Security ActiveDirectory window, click Next.
    HES ActiveDirectory Sync Client
  3. Read the License Agreement, select I Agree, and click Next.
    HES ActiveDirectory Sync Client License Agreement
  4. On the Enter Domain Account window, enter your domain administrator account or any account that has access privileges to your ActiveDirectory server. This will also run Windows services on your computer. Click Next.
    HES ActiveDirectory Sync Client Enter Domain Account
    Note: This is a very important part of the installation process. If you enter an account that does not have the right access privileges, your installed HES ActiveDirectory Sync client will not work properly.
  5. On the Select Installation Folder window, choose the target folder and user. This section covers the installation folder and the accounts that will have access to the Web Service Client, which will either be just the currently logged in account or all the accounts that log in to the computer. Click Next.
    HES ActiveDirectory Sync Client Select Folder
  6. On the Confirm Installation window, you can either:
    • Click Next to begin the final part of the installation process.
    • Click Back if you wish to review your preferences.Once you are done reviewing, click Next to start the installation.
    HES ActiveDirectory Sync Client Confirm Installation
    You will get the message "Installation Complete" once the installation is finished.
    HES ActiveDirectory Sync Client Installation Complete
  7. Click Close to finish the installation.
  8. Enable the Web Services Application on the HES console. Go back to Administration> Web Services and look for the Disabled button with a red X shown below:
    Enable Web Services Application
    By default, the option is disabled. You should enable it to allow AD importing.
    After installing the ActiveDirectory Sync client, you need to configure some parameters before you start using the client to synchronize user email addresses to the HES service. Refer to the article: Configuring the HES ActiveDirectory Sync Client.
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