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"An error in the Plug-in Service program occurred. SQL installation failed" occurs when installing Intrusion Defense Firewall (IDF) Plug-in

    • Updated:
    • 13 Apr 2020
    • Product/Version:
    • Intrusion Defense Firewall
    • Intrusion Defense Firewall 1.5
    • OfficeScan 10.6
    • OfficeScan 11.0
    • OfficeScan 11.0
    • Platform:
    • Windows 2008 Enterprise
    • Windows 2008 Enterprise 64-bit
    • Windows 2008 Server R2
    • Windows 2008 Small Business Server
    • Windows 2008 Standard
    • Windows 2008 Standard 64-bit

While installing IDF plug-in on OfficeScan server, the following error occurs:

Error: An error in the Plug-in Service program occurred. SQL installation failed. Check the logs in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\LOG\Files.

Click image to enlarge.

After clicking OK, the following message pops up:

SQL Server Setup is unable to run.  Either the owning node or all nodes that are currently part of the virtual server are not available.  Review any SCC failures and validate that all nodes are online.
Error: Failed to add file :"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\LOG\Files\SQLSetup000x_ServerName_.NET Framework 2.0.log" to cab file : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\LOG\" Error Code : 2

You also see the following error upon checking the SQLSetup000x_ServerName_Core(Local).log:

Description: Required version of ASP.NET not Registered Action:
Microsoft Reporting Services 2005(32-bit) requires 32-bit ASP.Net registered.
Microsoft Reporting Services 2005(64-bit) requires 64-bit ASP.Net registered.
Install the required version of ASP.Net.
Article: Minimum MDAC Version Requirement, Result: CheckPassed
Article: Edition Upgrade Check, Result: CheckPassed
<Func Name='PerformDetections'>0<EndFunc Name='PerformDetections' Return='0' GetLastError='0'>
Loaded DLL:C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\sqlsval.dll Version:2005.90.3042.0
Error: Action "InvokeSqlSetupDllAction" threw an exception during execution. Return Code: 70045

The SQLSetup000x_ServerName_Core(Local).log file is found in the following directories:

  • For 32-bit:
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\LOG\Files\
  • For 64-bit:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\LOG\Files\ 

The error occurs when the Microsoft .NET Framework is not properly installed on Windows Server. To resolve the issue, download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 on the OfficeScan server.

  1. On the Server Manager window select Add Features to display a list of possible features.
  2. From the Select Features interface, expand .NET Framework 3.5.1 Features.
  3. Tick the .NET Framework 3.5.1 check box and click Next.
    If you do not expand .NET Framework 3.5.1 Features and check it, you will get a pop-up titled Add Features Wizard as shown below. Click Cancel and expand .NET Framework 3.5.1 Features and then tick the .NET Framework 3.5.1 check box.

    Add Features Wizard

    Click image to enlarge.

    You cannot install .NET Framework 3.5.1 Features unless the required role services and features are also installed.

  4. From the Confirm Installation Selections window, review the selections and then click Install.
  5. Allow the installation process to complete and click Close.
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