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Features of InterScan Web Security as a Service (IWSaaS)

    • Updated:
    • 24 Nov 2016
    • Product/Version:
    • Trend Micro Web Security All
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Get to know what IWSaaS is and learn about its features.


InterScan Web Security as a Service (IWSaaS) is a security application that runs in a cloud environment. There is no capital expenditure as investments are not required for either hardware or software. By using IWSaaS, you can focus on strategic security, such as policy and architecture, rather than on the operational tasks of managing network infrastructure.

IWSaaS can protect a computer or mobile device. Using Mobile VPN, IWSaaS can protect iOS- and Android-based mobile devices.


Award-winning Gateway Antivirus and Antispyware

  • Scans inbound and outbound traffic for malware.
  • Prevents malware from entering your network, relieving the burden on endpoint security.
  • Stops virus and spyware downloads, botnets, malware callback attempts, and malware tunneling.
  • Closes the HTTPS security loophole by decrypting and inspecting encrypted content.

Web Reputation with Correlated Threat Data

  • Smart Protection Network web reputation technology blocks access to websites with malicious activity.
  • Protects against new threats and suspicious activity in real time.
  • Identifies and blocks botnet and targeted attack command and control (C&C) communications using global and local threat intelligence.

Powerful and Flexible URL and Active Code Filtering

  • Uses real-time UR L categorization and reputation to identity inappropriate or malicious sites.
  • Offers three different policy actions for web access control, including: monitor, allow, and block.
  • Supports object-level blocking within dynamic web pages such as Web 2.0 mashups
  • Stops drive-by downloads and blocks access to spyware and phishing related websites

Application Visibility and Control

  • Monitors and reports on more than 1,000 Internet protocols and applications, including instant messaging, peer-to-peer, social networking applications, and streaming media.
  • Enables granular policy creation to control all web activities; for example, allow viewing social media, but not posting to social media.
  • Location and schedule-based policy enforcement

High-Performance Cloud

  • Provides flexibility to grow with your business by making the most of high-performance and robust cloud infrastructure.
  • Delivers points of presence globally and ISO 27001 certified cloud infrastructure.
  • Guarantees 99.99% uptime and near-zero latency with an industry-leading.
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