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On-box upgrade from InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance 5.5 to 5.6

    • Updated:
    • 24 Nov 2016
    • Product/Version:
    • InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance 5.6
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    • N/A N/A
The on-box (or in-place) upgrade from IWSVA 5.5 to IWSVA 5.6 provides an easy method for IWSVA administrators to upgrade from the IWSVA Web console.
After upgrading, the related configurations set through the Web console and CLI, as well as data generated by IWSVA 5.5 will be kept in IWSVA 5.6 such as text and database logs, and configuration information. Hidden settings introduced through hot fixes may be lost.
If a power failure interrupts the upgrade process, administrators can recover the system to the status before upgrade without losing data.
Previous versions of IWSVA required exporting system configuration information, re-installing the new version, and importing the configuration information. The new upgrade method eliminates this step and retains all critical data and log information.
Note: The on-box upgrade is available only when upgrading from IWSVA 5.5 to IWSVA 5.6.
To perform the on-box upgrade, IWSVA 5.6 delivers an upgrade package in the form of an OS patch.
To download the upgrade package, visit:
Note: Trend Micro recommends backing up your existing settings on IWSVA 5.5 before applying the on-box upgrade patch.
To perform an on-box upgrade from IWSVA 5.5 to IWSVA 5.6:
  1. Log in as an administrator to the IWSVA 5.5 Web console.
  2. Verify that IWSVA is not registered to Trend Micro’s Advanced Reporting and Management (ARM) product. IWSVA + ARM customers must unregister the IWSVA 5.5 appliances from the ARM web management console before proceeding.
    Note: If the IWSVA 5.5 appliance you are upgrading is registered to the ARM reporting module, you must unregister it from the ARM management interface before the upgrade and re-register it again after the upgrade.
  3. Prepare to upload certificates after the upgrade completes.
    If you uploaded private or 3rd party certificates to IWSVA, make sure you have these ready after the upgrade. You will need to re-import them into the IWSVA 5.6 appliance. To review and backup your settings, follow the links below for each certificate type.
    • HTTPS decryption CA configured at HTTP > HTTPS Decryption > Settings
  4. Applet re-signing certificate at HTTP > Applets and ActiveX > Settings
  5. Verify that you are running IWSVA 5.5. The version number is shown on the Summary page.
  6. Download the IWSVA 5.6 upgrade package from the download page on the Trend Micro Web site to the host that will be performing the update.
    Download site: 747&regs=NABU&lang_loc=1#undefined
    Note: The OS patch mechanism checks the patch package and copies the upgrade/rollback scripts to /var/upgrade_tool.
  7. Select Administration > System Updates.
  8. Click Browse... to locate the upgrade package.
  9. Click Upload to transfer and install the IWSVA 5.6 upgrade package. IWSVA shows details on the on-box upgrade packet.
    When the upgrade finishes, IWSVA automatically restarts to enable the new features. The reboot process takes several minutes to complete.
    • If for any reason the upgrade was unsuccessful and an error message displays, follow the procedure in the System Recovery for Power Failure during an Upgrade.
    • If you see a message similar to “???.admin.update_os.upload_done???” displayed on the console, this is IWSVA’s installer confirming the upgrade patch filename and is a normal part of the installation display.
    • You may encounter the following error message: “There is not enough free disk space. The minimum requirement is 2Gb.” If so, delete any TMP files or CDT files on IWSVA to make more space available.
  10. After IWSVA restarts, refresh the Web console to log on to IWSVA 5.6.
    Note: For existing customers who upgrade from IWSVA 5.5 to 5.6, the administrator passwords are retained and the Deployment Wizard is not launched automatically to guide you through the configuration process. These steps occur only for new installations.
  11. If needed, access the upgrade log information at: /var/upgrade_tool/upgrade.log
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