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Mobile Security (TMMS) for Enterprise 9.0 Patch 1 Build 1577 is now available

    • Updated:
    • 24 Nov 2016
    • Product/Version:
    • Mobile Security For Enterprise 9.0
    • Platform:
    • N/A N/A
The released TMMS for Enterprise 9.0 Patch 1 is able to upgrade the existing TMMS 9.0 MDM server or can be used to install a new TMMS 9.0 MDM server.
Patch 1 Build 1577 includes the following enhancements and fixes:
Management server
  • Assigns the default policy to the automatically created unauthorized group when device authentication is enabled
  • Adds a configuration option to let the TMMS server query the categories of the iOS apps in non-US app stores; the categories may be used when iOS application control is enabled
  • Administration report mails will be sent to the group administrators even when no recipient is configured in the email settings
Fixes the following issues:
  • TMMS server cannot recognize the device whose IMEI is not available with device authentication
  • User invitation email messages sometimes have garbage characters in the subjects
  • A WiFi policy cannot be saved when the WiFi password is too long
  • Passwords in WiFi policies sometimes cannot be pushed to Android devices
  • The exchange connector cannot get the EAS devices in some non-English operation systems
  • The exchange connector cannot be installed in some German operation systems
  • When adding some free iOS apps from non-US app stores, the TMMS server may recognize them as paid apps
Local/Cloud communication server
  • Support management server with a renewed AC registers to CCS
  • Refines the error message when an enrollment key is invalid on iOS devices
  • Adds a remove file cache interface for the management server
Fixes the following issue:
Local/Cloud communication server sometimes crashes when some exceptions happen
Android agent
Reduces the battery consumption of the Android agents when app control is enabled
Fixes the following issues:
  • Agents cannot restart automatically when being closed by the task manager on HTC devices
  • Agents crash on Samsung Galaxy S3 devices
  • SD card cannot be disabled in devices with multiple external SD cards
  • Agents crash when there is a non-APK malware in the SD card
  • WiFi connection may be shut down when the WiFi policy has updates
  • Android devices fail to recognize some required apps from the Google Play Store that have already been installed
  • Android agents cannot complete the update when the scanning process is terminated abnormally
  • A redundant and incorrect violation log is uploaded when a required app for Android is configured
iOS agent
Fixes the following issue:
iOS agents cannot get the correct status from the TMMS server when enrolling iOS7 devices
To take full advantage of the enhancements and fixes, download and install TMMS for Enterprise 9.0 Patch 1 Build 1577.
For more information about this patch, refer to the Readme file.
This patch is tentatively scheduled to be publicly available in our download center before end of this year.
To fix the iOS7 compatibility issue of an iOS7 device is already enrolled but cannot get status from TMMS server:
  1. Update the TMMS server to this patch. Update the iOS agent from via the App Store. (The latest agent will be uploaded in the App Store on December 4, 2013. It will be available for 5-10 days.)
    The TMMS server will send an icon "TMMS update" to the homescreen of each device that has the issue.
  2. Click the TMMS update icon. The TMMS agent will get the device status from the TMMS server automatically and the icon will disappear.
For TMMS 8.0 users, migrate to TMMS 9.0 GM version first, and then upgrade to this patch.
Install; Upgrade
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