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Known issues of Deep Discovery Email Inspector (DDEI) 2.0 and 2.0 Service Pack (SP) 1

    • Updated:
    • 30 Dec 2019
    • Product/Version:
    • Deep Discovery Email Inspector 2.0
    • Platform:
    • N/A N/A
This article enumerates the known issues that you may encounter in DDEI.
Known issues in DDEI 2.0:
  • The mail snapshot preview feature may display unrecognizable characters.
    Workaround/Solution: The administrator may download a copy of the email to display it in the local MUA.
  • DDEI installation fails if located in a network that already hosts a machine with the IP
    Workaround/Solution: Normally you should receive your DDEI pre-installed and do not need to go through the installation.
    In case you do, make sure to use a dedicated network.
  • Deploying a Virtual Analyzer image through FTP may fail if the server only supports Active mode.
    Workaround/Solution: Make sure the FTP server also supports Passive mode. You may also use any of the following alternatives: Shared folder, HTTP, USB stick.
  • The AdminUI log query may display the message Subject with garbled characters.
    Workaround/Solution: This happens when the subject encoding is not specified as different from the encoding of the rest of the message. You can download the email and try displaying it in your local MUA.
  • When adding a disclaimer, the email body might only contain the disclaimer content while the original message is attached.
    Workaround/Solution: This happens in cases of mixed encodings.
    To improve this behavior:
    • Use only US-ASCII characters in the configured disclaimer.
    • Set your internal MUAs to send messages using UTF-8 encoding only.
    • Avoid using Rich Text formatting.
  • Unrecognizable characters are displayed in mail snapshots under special conditions.
    Workaround/Solution: The administrator could download and open such mails for checking.
  • Installation fails if there are conflicting IPs.
    Workaround/Solution: Do not plug in the NIC cable during installtion, or make sure there is no other in network.
  • You cannot download images from an FTP server that supports only active mode.
    Workaround/Solution: Use passive mode FTP server or another method such as shared folder, HTTP or USB, to upload a VM image.
  • The mail subject cannot be detected when the mail format is non-standard. Most of these mails cannot be opened by Outlook either.
    Workaround/Solution: When the subject encoding is not specified, the scanner will use the charset of the whole mail to convert the subject string. However, there are still some mails that cannot be decoded.
Known issues in DDEI 2.0 SP1:
  • DDEI 2.0 SP1 cannot be applied on 2.0 without hot fix 0004. The upload fails if the service pack is larger than 1GB, and the DDEI 2.0 SP1 upgrade package is about 1.02GB.
    Workaround/Solution: Apply hot fix 0004 to DDEI 2.0 before upgrading to SP1
  • Customized widget settings are not migrated when you upgrade from 2.0 to 2.0 SP1.
    Workaround/Solution: Set up the widgets again to customize the layout, refresh interval, threshold and others.
  • Some DDEI 2.0 SP1 web pages show abnormally in the browser if the same browser has previously accessed the DDEI 2.0 console.
    Workaround/Solution: Clear browser data cache after upgrading DDEI 2.0 to 2.0 SP1.
  • Threat Connect page displays information indicating incorrect parameters, and the Threat Connect Service page shows no threat information.
    Workaround/Solution: Disable the browser's protected mode.
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