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Configuring InterScan Messaging Security Virtual Appliance (IMSVA) to use the blind carbon copy (BCC) mode of Deep Discovery Email Inspector (DDEI) 2.0

    • Updated:
    • 13 Mar 2020
    • Product/Version:
    • Deep Discovery Email Inspector 2.0
    • Deep Discovery Email Inspector 2.1
    • Deep Discovery Email Inspector 2.5
    • Deep Discovery Email Inspector 2.6
    • Deep Discovery Email Inspector 3.0
    • Platform:
    • N/A N/A

You want to setup IMSVA to send BCC copies to DDEI for analysis.


DDEI can operate in a BCC mode where DDEI receives copies of all emails passing through your email gateway without directly interfering with the actual emails. This is similar to an archiving solution because DDEI only reports the scanning results without forwarding the messages. The email copies DDEI receives will be deleted/quarantined after processing.

To configure IMSVA inbound scanning policy to send BCC copies to DDEI:

  1. In the IMSVA Admin console, go to Policy > Policy List.

    Policy List

  2. On the Policy page, click Add and then click Other.

    Policy List_Other

    The Select Recipients and Senders window appears.

  3. On the This rule will apply to drop-down menu, select incoming messages then click Next.

    Select  'incoming messages'

    At the bare minimum, you will have to define the addresses or domains of the recipients. DDEI will scan the BCC copies from these recipients. You may also narrow down your selection by defining senders or exceptions.

    Select 'Next'

  4. Select other conditions if you do not want all emails scanned. To scan all emails, leave all options at their default settings then click Next.
  5. Under the Monitor section, tick the BCC boxand enter a recipient address that will be routed to DDEI. Then click Next.

    Monitor Section

    If you want IMSVA to directly deliver BCC copies to DDEI, choose a BCC address with a dedicated (preferably nonpublic) email address/domain.

    For example:

  6. Configure a new domain-based delivery setting for DDEI.

    1. Go to Administration > IMSVA Configuration > SMTP Routing.
    2. On the SMTP Routing page, go to the Message Delivery tabthen click Add. 

      Message Delivery tab

    3. Specify the Domain Name, Server address (IP Address of DDEI) and Port number.

      For example:

      Domain name:
      Server address and Port number:

      Specify the Domain Name, Server address and Port number.

      In the above example, this tells the local Postfix daemon to deliver the emails to the BCC domain of “” to the IP of DDEI.

      Only BCCs of emails that are not blocked or quarantined by IMSVA will be forwarded to DDEI.
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