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Supported Trend Micro Products/Versions

    • Updated:
    • 28 Dec 2021
    • Product/Version:
    • Apex Central
    • Apex Central
    • Apex One
    • Apex One
    • Cloud App Security
    • Cloud App Security
    • Cloud Edge
    • Cloud Edge
    • Deep Security
    • Deep Security
    • Worry-Free Business Security Advanced
    • Worry-Free Business Security Advanced
    • Worry-Free Business Security Standard
    • Worry-Free Business Security Standard
    • Platform:
    • N/A

The following section lists all Trend Micro products/versions that are considered current and are fully supported by Trend Micro, along with milestone dates (End-of-Sale and End-of-Life) that have been formally announced.

Please refer to Trend Micro’s latest End-of-Life Policy for more information on milestone definitions and standard timelines. You can also view the products/versions that have reached End-of-Life in the past 12 months here.


Trend Micro occasionally upgrades products and discontinues support for older versions of products. To know if the product you are using is still supported by Trend Micro Support, see below for the list of supported products and their respective data, plus their End-of-Sale date and End-of-Life date.

If you cannot find your product/version below, it may have reached End-of-Life. Please check the products/versions that have reached End-of-Life here.
Apex Central English    
Apex One English    
Apex One as a Service EnglishSaaSALL  
Cloud App Security EnglishSaaSALL  
Cloud Edge G26.0 SP2Japanese/English/
Traditional Chinese
Hardware ApplianceNorth America  
Deep Discovery Analyzer6.1EnglishHardware ApplianceALL01-Apr-1901-Apr-22
Deep Discovery Analyzer6.5EnglishHardware ApplianceALL21-Dec-1921-Dec-22
Deep Discovery Analyzer6.8EnglishHardware ApplianceALL18-Jul-2018-Jul-23
Deep Discovery Analyzer6.9EnglishHardware ApplianceALL10-Apr-2110-Apr-24
Deep Discovery Analyzer7.0EnglishHardware ApplianceALL29-Sep-2129-Sep-24
Deep Discovery Analyzer7.1EnglishHardware ApplianceALL  
Deep Discovery Director5.2EnglishVirtual ApplianceALL21-Apr-2131-Mar-22
Deep Discovery Director5.3EnglishVirtual ApplianceALL  
Deep Discovery Email Inspector5.0EnglishHardware ApplianceALL07-Apr-2131-Oct-22
Deep Discovery Email Inspector5.1EnglishHardware ApplianceALL  
Deep Discovery Inspector5.1EnglishHardware ApplicationALL14-May-1930-May-22
Deep Discovery Inspector5.5EnglishHardware ApplicationALL13-Dec-1931-Dec-22
Deep Discovery Inspector5.6EnglishHardware ApplicationALL06-Mar-2031-Mar-23
Deep Discovery Inspector5.6 SP1EnglishHardware ApplicationALL28-Aug-2031-Aug-23
Deep Discovery Inspector5.7EnglishHardware ApplicationALL  
Deep Discovery Inspector5.8EnglishHardware ApplicationALL  
Deep Discovery Web Inspector2.5EnglishHardware ApplianceAMEA27-Jan-2131-Mar-22
Deep Discovery Web Inspector2.6EnglishHardware ApplianceAMEA31-Dec-2101-Oct-26
Deep SecurityLong-Term Support (LTS) ReleaseEnglishALLALLSee note
Deep SecurityFeature Release (FR)EnglishALLALLSee note
EdgeFire1.0EnglishHardware ApplianceALL31-Dec-2130-Mar-22
EdgeFire1.1EnglishHardware ApplianceALL  
EdgeIPS1.0EnglishHardware ApplianceALL31-Dec-2130-Mar-22
EdgeIPS1.1EnglishHardware ApplianceALL  
EdgeIPS Pro1.0EnglishHardware ApplianceALL30-Jun-2231-Dec-23
EdgeIPS Pro1.1EnglishHardware ApplianceALL  
Email Encryption Service EnglishSaaSALL  
Email Security Platform for Service Providers - White Label3.1EnglishPartner Hosted, White LabelALL  
Endpoint Encryption - Full Disk & File Encryption6.0EnglishWindowsALL  
Hosted Email Security2.0EnglishSaaSALL30-Apr-21 for existing customers
30-May-20 for new customers
Instant Messaging Security1.6.5EnglishWindowsALL14-Oct-2414-Oct-25
InterScan Messaging Security Suite9.1EnglishLinuxALL01-Feb-2131-Mar-25
InterScan Messaging Security Virtual Appliance9.1EnglishSoftware ApplianceALL  
InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance6.5 SP2EnglishSoftware ApplianceALL30-Nov-21

for existing customers


for new customers

InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance6.5 SP3EnglishSoftware ApplianceALL30-Jun-23

for existing customers only

Mobile Security for Enterprise9.8FrenchAndroid/iOSEMEA  
Mobile Security for Enterprise9.8Simplified/
Traditional Chinese
Mobile Security for Enterprise9.8EnglishAndroid/iOSALL  
OfficeScan Plug-In - Toolbox1.0EnglishWindowsNorth America  
OT Defense Console - VA1.0EnglishVirtual ApplianceALL31-Dec-2130-Mar-22
OT Defense Console - VA1.1EnglishVirtual ApplianceALL30-Jun-2231-Dec-23
OT Defense Console - VA1.2EnglishVirtual ApplianceALL  
Portable Security2.0EnglishWindowsALL31-Mar-2031-Dec-22
Portable Security2.0Simplified ChineseWindowsChina  
Portable Security3.0EnglishWindowsALL  
Safe Lock2.0EnglishWindowsALL31-Jan-2030-Apr-23
Safe Lock TXOne Edition1.0EnglishWindowsALL1-May-2130-Jun-27
ScanMail for Exchange14.0EnglishWindowsALL  
ScanMail for IBM Domino5.6EnglishLinux, WindowsALL  
ScanMail for IBM Domino5.8EnglishLinux, WindowsALL  
ServerProtect for Microsoft Windows/Novell Netware5.8EnglishWindowsALL  
ServerProtect for EMC Celerra5.8EnglishEMC CelerraNorth America  
ServerProtect for Linux3.0EnglishLinuxALL  
ServerProtect for Network Appliance Filer5.8EnglishNetAppALL  
ServerProtect for Storage6.0EnglishWindowsALL  
Smart Protection Server3.0EnglishHardware ApplianceALL  
Trend Micro Email Security EnglishSaaSALL  
Trend Micro Remote Manager EnglishSaaSALL  
Trend Micro Web Security

Previously known as InterScan Web Security as a Service

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure1.0EnglishWindowsNorth America  
Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced10.0 SP1EnglishWindowsALL  
Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced10.0 SP1Traditional ChineseWindowsAPAC  
Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced10.0 SP1French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, TurkishWindowsEMEA  
Worry-Free Business Security Services EnglishSaaSALL  

Trend Micro actively supports versions of its software products for a specified number of months from their release. Active support includes responding to telephone, email, and/or web inquiries about the operation or use of the software, and providing on-going development support in the form of workarounds, patches or fixes for resolving known and emerging product issues.

For products/versions that have reached End-of-Life, Trend Micro no longer provides the aforementioned support. Read the updated Trend Micro End-of-Life Policy here.
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